Hyderabad, 2nd August 2019:Shri Kamal D Shah, Co-Founder and Director, Nephroplus, addressed the students and the faculty members on the “Challenges and Opportunities of Healthcare in India” in the leadership series organized by IMT-Hyderabad.

Mr. Shah has completed his B. Tech in chemical engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad and had co-founded Effigent, a software development company. He shared his journey and battle with Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome since 1997, for which he had to undergo regular dialysis. This inspired him to start his personal blog and subsequently Nephroplus with Vikram Vuppala and Sandeep Gudibanda in 2010.

“Dialysis is not the end of life. If few steps of proper care are followed, dialysis patients can lead normal lives”. These were the words of Mr. Shah which also happens to be the vision of Nephroplus – “To enable people on dialysis across the world lead long, happy and productive lives”. During the session, he talked about the challenges of the healthcare sector in India where the contribution of public expenditure in this sector is only a measly 1.2% of the GDP. He said that only 15% of the people who are in the need of dialysis get the treatment due to issues such as affordability, accessibility to quality healthcare, unavailability of qualified nephrologists and poor awareness.

The foundation of Nephroplus is based on patient-centric care, clinical innovation and technology which offers optimum quality, personalised design for each patient, and prevention of cross-transfer of diseases. In the session, Mr. Shah talked about how Nephroplus partners with leading nephrologists, rather than employing them, which ensures quality of service provided along with persistent growth. He also mentioned that, Nephroplus partners with state governments on their dialysis related projects, which assures quality at affordable prices.

During the expansion of Nephroplus, the biggest hurdle faced was the shortage of qualified, experienced and dedicated technicians. To overcome this challenge, they came up with an initiative Enpidia – a dedicated centre to train interested students in healthcare sector with proper theory and BONENT (Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology) certification followed by ensured placements in the centres. These instances and experiences inspired the students to follow their path, overcoming all the challenges that they may face.

The session helped the students to realise that struggles are not the end, but there are many opportunities beyond them, as was conveyed by Mr. Shah, who found a solution to his personal struggle and converted it into an entrepreneurial venture - Nephroplus.

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