Future Leaders Program

The single biggest way to impact, an organization is to focus on leadership development.

_John C Maxwell

Leadership skills matter as leaders have a profound impact on a company's performance. Every manager aspiring to ascend the corporate ladder needs to develop knowledge and insights over and above functional competencies to manifest their true leadership potential. Today’s business world is agile and dynamic. Traditional Management hierarchies are crumbling as more dispersed and virtual organizations become the norm and the intellectual content of work changes dramatically. Gallup’s study of more than 550 job roles and 360 unique job competencies concluded that a leader needs to build relationships, develop people, drive change, inspire others, think critically, communicate clearly, and create accountability to create successful, high-performance teams in growing. IMT Hyderabad is responding to these requirements by preparing managers for the accelerating impact of technology on business and the changes in the competitive environment.

The Future Leaders Program, offered by IMT Hyderabad takes a structured approach towards making you an effective leader. We understand that everyone is not born a great leader, but anyone can foster core leadership competencies for themselves and become actionable effective leaders. The program focuses on professional growth, self-awareness, and essential management skills you can apply to real-world situations. The program will allow every participant to become a better architect of their personal leadership journey. The program adopts a unique approach of self-exploration, immersion and simulation to help you evolve on a personal level, and drive change on an organizational level. An ideal choice for aspiring, new, or seasoned leaders, this program focuses on professional growth, self-awareness, and tangible skills that you can apply to real-world situations.

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