Fellow Program in Management

Program Overview

The Fellow Programme in Management at IMT Hyderabad is a full-time doctoral program designed for students, working executives and academicians with strong academic orientation, to undertake rigorous and original research. The program aims to develop outstanding scholars for careers in academia, research, and consulting for the industry, government and social sector. The FPM is a four-year program during which scholars will undergo rigorous coursework comprising general management subjects, core courses, and advanced courses. After completing the Comprehensive Examination, scholars will be engaged in their doctoral dissertations in the third and fourth year. The time duration may be extended up to seven years, depending upon the progress report of the scholar. All full time scholars will receive a monthly stipend that covers all costs in addition to being provided with a modest accommodation. IMT-H provides an excellent ecosystem & facilities for pursuing research

Spreadsheet Modelling NC Microeconomics NC Personality Growth Lab NC
Case Learning Pedagogy NC Financial Accounting (Self Study Material) NC Personal & Professional Etiquette NC
Business Statistics / Quantitative Methods NC Communications & Group Discussion Lab NC Experiential Learning Lab NC
The FPM scholars are required to attend the following cumpulsory courses from Preparatory work (Foundation coourses) - Spreadsheet modelling, Case Learning Pedagogy, Business Statistics/Quantitative Methods, and Personal & Professional Growth Lab. Remaining courses are optional. The first year course work will begin soon after the foundation course work.
YEAR 1 Coursework (Total Credits for Year 1 = 45) TERM I (Jul-Sep) CREDITS TERM II (Oct-Dec) CREDITS TERM III (Jan-Mar) CREDITS
Quantitative Methods 3 Advanced Research Methods - Quantitative 3 Strategic Management 3
Marketing Management 3 Business and Corporate Finance 3 Design Thinking 3
Organizational Behaviour 3 Human Resource Management 3 Critical Thinking and Technical Writing 3
Macroeconomics Principles and Policies 3 Introduction to Management Thought 3 Advanced Research Methods - Qualitative 3
Operations Management 3 Core Elective - I (Marketing theories/ Finance theories/ Organizational Development and Structure / Operation Theories - to be offered as per the specialisation of the scholar) 3 Data Science (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) 3
Total Credits for Term I 15 Total Credits for Term II 15 Total Credits for Term III 15
YEAR 2 Coursework (Total Credits for Year 2 = 36) TERM IV (3 Months) CREDITS TERM V (3 Months) CREDITS TERM VI (3 Months) CREDITS
Case Writing 3 Review of Literature (ROL) - [Writing a review paper] 3
Area Core Course # 1 3 Pedagogies in Management 3 Area Elective Course # 3 3
Area Core Course # 2 3 Area Core Course # 4 3 Area Elective Course # 4 3
Area Core Course # 3 3 Area Elective Course # 1 3 Short Research Project 3
Area Elective Course # 2 3
Total Credits for Term I 12 Total Credits for Term III 12
Total Credits for Term II 12 *CE P/F
*The Scholars will appear for Comprehensive Examination (CE) within 3 months from the date of completing term III. All courses of FPM 2nd year carry 3 credits each

Courses offered in Year 1 of FPM program marked in

Colour will be offered along with PGDM Full time students

Courses offered in Year 1 of FPM program marked in

Colour will be offered exclusively to FPM students

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