Coca-Cola’s Branding Strategy - MRC Article for the Month of May

When everyone’s favorite drink Coca Cola was coming into the market, it had to face stiff competition from competitors like Pepsi and Thums Up. Coca-Cola is a very classic example of how a brand established itself in a tough market through aggressive marketing strategies and high brand promotion.

Painting & Design Thinking

I have been very passionate about painting right from my childhood days. My school curriculum laid strong emphasis on art and sculpture. During the pandemic, I got enough time to rejuvenate it. It got triggered by looking at one of my former student, Sudipto’s painting on Facebook. He is an

Internship Journey with Marico

Last summer of 2020, I had the opportunity through my college IMT Hyderabad to pursue the summer internship program with Marico. My internship was a steep forward learning curve. Each day at Marico brought a new challenge and an opportunity to deep dive into the world of sales and distribution.


Will you take care of the kids today?” It was 7.30 in the morning. Being a pushover and to maintain a good image in front of my relatives, the thought to say NO did not even occur. I ended up saying yes within the blink of an eye. I would in retrospect, realize that the foll


“Today, you have to run faster to stay in the same place.”
Philip Kotler
(The Father of Modern Marketing)

Imagine yourself running on a treadmill; the incline and speed of which keeps

Ten Brands that excelled in their Marketing Strategies during COVID-19 Crisis

We live in a dynamic environment that’s currently facing a disaster which has restricted our social interactions. As marketers we need to be prepared to change our marketing strategy according to the situation. Here’s a list of the top10 brands

Periodos 7.0

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Sanjana Satapathy


IHL7.0-Cricket Auctions

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Mihir Airan


“A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way”-The Pahel Staff Luncheon

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Anushka Rawat


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Growing IMT-H one sapling at a time- The Tree Plantation Drive

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Mihir Airan


Freshers’19- A Bollywood Themed Extravaganza

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Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations 2019

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Anushka Rawat


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The 73rd Independence Day Celebrations

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Shreyal Kamat


A journey like no other- Summer Exchange Program

We’re blessed to encounter various opportunities at various phases in our life, whether we realize it or simply pass by it. However, the experience we derive out of an opportunity is what makes all the difference.


In a globalized world

Impelz 5.0: Day 2

With the legacy of prestige, glory and magnificence, fabricated with hard work and professionalism, the day 1 of Impelz 2018 saw a plentitude of events unroll flair, creativity and vogue that was way beyond eminence. The day was a display of conviviality, innovation, ebullience, innovation, and c

Impelz 5.0 : Day 1

Working up for competitions, singing songs to the rhythms, grooving to the beats, running around for errands; we IMTians felt it in the air that it was that time of the year, where the world sleeps and we work as a team.  On December 21 and 22, 2019, Impels 5.0, the annual management fest of

Open Mic- An ode to the Winter Night

To a day full of warmth,

To an evening full of smiles,

To a team that pulled it off,

Brandify 2.0

Brandify 2.0 was organized by Mercatus Mantra- the marketing club of IMT Hyderabad on November 29, 2018. To a fun event on campus in which 15 teams participated with 3-4 team members per team.  The whole concept of this event revolved around how well you know a brand.  And yes, the exci


A trailblazer is the one who blazes a trail to usher and edify others. He/She is the one who is a pathfinder and explores untraversed regions of knowledge to help others to see the gleam of innovation.


IMT Hyderabad, in association with “More Than HR Global”

Periodos 6.0: Day 2

With a new Sunday morning brimming with joy, IMT kick started the Day 2 of Periodos 6.0.




The students from var

Periodos 6.0: Day 1

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing..”


Similar thoughts triggered in the minds of all the participants who visited our campus on 17th November for Periodos-2018, IMT’s flags


Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss happenings, great minds discuss ideas.


And so did we – the people of Eloquence, the public speaking club of IMT Hyderabad. The ideas that made up this year’s “VERVE”, the

Ehsaas 2018 – The Blood Donation Drive

To help without asking whom! That is divine service” – Sir Henry Dunant, Founder of the Red cross association


Pahel, the corporate social responsibility house of IMT Hyderabad in association with the Red Cros

ANALYTICS- More than just a subject

IMT Hyderabad recently hosted a panel discussion with five distinguished gentlemen a collective work experience of over 100 years from a variety of industries during the panel discussion on “Trends in business analytics” conducted on th

Outbound Activity: An unplanned escapade

“The most satisfying encounters do not always happen around the elegant tables in nice, warm restaurant.”
– The Zahir, Paulo Coelho


MBA/PGDM, recognized as one of the most enduring courses, is

Missing- Time To Farewell

A small dedication to everyone who partakes in these myriad feelings of ‘missing’.

Scrambling through the box
I got hundred miles past
The One in a dozen
Just meant to festoon my

Impelz 4.0 Continues | Day-2

Remember the last time we met? Well we are back with a summary of Day 2 and unfortunately the last day of Impelz 4.0

The dawn greeted the 30 acres campus with the aftermath of yesterday’s late night bonfire. But IMT Hyderabad didn’t leave a single opportunity to amaze people

Impelz 4.0 – Day 1

When you think of a Fest, depending upon how much you know about the events that take place, you might be aware of the enormous amount of work that goes into making the fest possible.
You might be aware of the endless hours that are invested in ideating and planning, the massive production

Pandora’s Box – the Night of Experiences

First recorded in 1570, this word’s modern meaning stands, “a source of extensive but unforeseen challenging problems”. Though in classical mythology, Pandora’s “curiosity got the better of

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