Valedictory ceremony of the Program - Auro Astra

Hyderabad, 7th July 2023: IMT Hyderabad conducted the Valedictory ceremony of the Program - Auro Astra. Harshita Parihar of batch 2022-24, warmly welcomed all the esteemed guests. She commended the participants for their dedication and hard work throughout the program. The director and dean of IMT Hyderabad, along with the representatives from Aurobindo Pharma, were invited to light the ceremonial lamp, symbolizing the auspicious beginning of the event. The ceremony commenced with a soulful rendition of Saraswati Vandana, performed by Oieshi Maity, batch of 2023-25. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and appreciation as the participants and dignitaries celebrated the successful completion of the Program.

Dr. Sarath Babu, Director - Executive Education, IMT Hyderabad, commenced the ceremony by welcoming all participants and their families. He expressed appreciation for the enriching journey of the past six months, filled with challenges and memorable moments. Dr. Romina Mathew, Program Director, praised the dedication of the Aurobindo Pharma employees who actively participated in 90 hours of classroom sessions, outdoor activities, projects, and presentations. She emphasized their role as change bearers within the organization. The ceremony served as a platform to acknowledge the participants' efforts and celebrate their accomplishments throughout the Program.

Mr. Suhasram Chadhuve, Program Organizer from Aurobindo Pharma, highlighted the significant cultural transformation that participants experienced throughout their journey. He then presented a video showcasing the six-month experience with IMT Hyderabad. Following this, Mr. UNB Raju, Senior VP – HR, Aurobindo Pharma, thanked the HR and R&D teams for their continuous efforts. He emphasized the responsibilities entrusted to the first batch of the program. Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, CEO, Aurobindo Pharma, emphasized the importance of the inaugural batch and their actions in shaping the organization's future.

The event continued with a captivating performance by Dhwani, the music society of IMT-H, energizing the atmosphere with their soulful performance.

Mr. Ravinath Shetty, Associate President, Aurobindo Pharma, expressed his joy in being part of both the inaugural meeting and the valedictory ceremony. He found the smiles on the faces of the participants' family members to be the most motivating aspect of the day. He highlighted the evolution of leadership, emphasizing the importance of understanding others' perspectives and uniting people to move forward together. Dr. Parven Luthra, Chief Scientific Officer, Aurobindo Pharma, expressed gratitude to IMT Hyderabad for providing this exceptional course that has enabled their employees to progress in their leadership journey.

The event proceeded with a heartfelt song performed by Rishab from the batch 2022-24.

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