TEDx 7.0

IMT Hyderabad 17th February 2024: Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad hosted its 7th edi-tion of the TEDx event on 17th February 2024. This year’s theme was “Tour de Epiphany,” which promises moments of revelation, newfound perspectives, and a roadmap to success. This theme is a symphony of in-spiration, inviting participants to explore the thrilling cycle of mind and life. The event had a line-up of speakers covering various topics.

Mr. Aswini Bajaj, the CEO of Leveraged Growth, commenced the event as the first speaker. He is a dedi-cated mentor with a plethora of degrees, including CA, CS, CFA, CAIA, CIPM, FRM, and many more. Mr. Bajaj emphasized the importance of understanding individuals and conducting a reality check before taking action, particularly when receiving paradoxical advice. He delved into topics such as sales pitch in marketing and influencer marketing, advocating for advice from credible personalities like Andrew Huberman and James Clear. Mr. Bajaj also addressed Fin-influencers' credibility and the pursuit of financial freedom in to-day's landscape, advising students to exercise caution in their influence.

The second speaker was Mr. Manohar Nair, Ex-Vice President at GEMS and author of the book 'The Af-fective Negotiation Skills Program.' He shared valuable insights regarding effective interview strategies, urging students not to take anything for granted. Mr. Nair introduced the KSA formula - Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude - emphasizing the importance of asking questions and seeking clarification when in doubt, which he cleverly reversed to ASK. He presented four key ideas: mind the gap, clarify and confirm, enjoy life, and take calculated risks. He also encouraged using and understanding three powerful words: sorry, thank you, and please. Ultimately, he reminded the audience that creating one's path and narrative in life is essential regardless of circumstances.

The third speaker, Miss Merry Barua, founder of 'Action for Autism,' shared her journey of raising aware-ness about autism and advocating for policy changes at the national level. She addressed the misconception of perceiving individuals with autism as emotionless by emphasizing the importance of treating them as nor-mal. Drawing from personal experience, as her son is also autistic, she highlighted the challenges faced by autistic individuals in social settings. Miss Barua illustrated instances where autistic individuals excel in sen-sory perception, such as sounds and textures, and emphasized the need to empathize and ally with them.

Prior to the end of the first half of the session, the audience was enchanted by the melodious performance of the popular singer - Sidharth Bendi.

The founder and managing director of Maithri Aquatech, Ramkrishna Mukkavilli was the fourth speaker who talked about global warming and water sustainability. In 2018, Maithri Aquatech started atmospheric water generation using indigenous technology. His inspiration stems from his childhood experiences, particu-larly witnessing his mother's efforts to procure water. He ended his talk by saying that water is not some-thing we're inheriting from our ancestors; it's something we're borrowing from our future generations.

2016 Bharat Gaurav Award winner Yashwant Raut, Asia's tallest Boy, opened his speech by telling his in-spirational story. He is suffering from a disease known as Marfan Syndrome. He has many records in his name, such as being the tallest Boy of his age and the tallest male fashion model. Despite physical illness, he believes in a "Never Give Up" attitude.

Listed in Forbes under 30, designer Aaquib Wani's unique story and ideas are one in a million. He designed India's cricket team jersey in collaboration with Adidas and has achieved a lot more. Belonging to a Kash-miri background, Craft and Design have been his family business, and he has always been interested in de-signing. His story transcends beyond normal.

Meghna Kaushik, the final speaker for the event, is an actor, writer, and presenter. She opened her speech, quoting, "There is no one path to success." She shared her story of transitioning from a non-public speaker to a presenter. She believes that success comes when you come out of your comfort zone.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks extended to Dr. K. Sriharsha Reddy, Director and Professor at IMT Hyderabad, Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Chaturvedula C, Dean (Academics), and Prof. (Dr.) Tulika Sharma, Assistant Professor and Mentor of TEDx at IMT Hyderabad. The speakers were also felicitated as part of the closing ceremony.

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