Round Table Wellbeing Study on HR Professionals at Pune

IMT Hyderabad is elated to have successfully organised the Round Table Wellbeing Study on HR Professionals at Pune. This was the second in a series of five Round Table discussions planned in collaboration with MTHR and Manah Wellness Global. The discussion focused on HR professionals' roles as caregivers and how shifting the focus on their well-being can benefit the organisation as a whole.

There was discussion about the challenges faced by HR professionals both during and post the pandemic, and how corporates now have a new outlook to provide creative and emphatic ideas to resolve issues on a personal level with the help of HRs. Many interesting and efficient ideas were discussed, such as shifting one's perspective from stress to excitement, which aids in the provision of wellness.

IMT Hyderabad underscores the need to develop Socially Responsible Leaders through education and hosted the event to create intellectual opportunity to study thought-provoking insights from the distinguished HR professionals.

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