Periodos 8.0

HYDERABAD, 19th February 2021: Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad is back with its annual sports event, Periodos 8.0, on the 20th and 21st of February,2021. This time the stakes are high, and the battles are going to be extremely tough as the event is planned for taking place through the online mode. The students are all set to witness a two-day power packed bundle of exuberant and spectacular moments.

Periodos is all about - Troth, Pride, and Glory, and IMT Hyderabad awaits the future corporates to participate and compete with all their abilities in the virtual field. The participants will be able to show their management skills, logical thinking, and decision-making skills through a series of games like Chess, Among Us, Dota, Poker, Call of Duty, and Valorant.

IMT Hyderabad is looking forward to witnessing active participation from participants from the premiere colleges all over the country like NMIMS, SIBM, IIM’s, KJ Somaiya, to name a few. Equipped with all the requisite facilities, the college encourages the students to sweat it out with their talent and wash out their stress. IMT believes such events would hone their leadership skills and help teach them the basic tenets of MBA like perseverance, team spirit, and mental agility.

IMT Hyderabad is all set to provide for all MBA students' best grounds to amalgamate “sports in business” and “business in sports.” With tons of excitement and elation, the students have put in a lot of effort to bring together an event to mesmerize the audience and make this two-day extravaganza a grand success.

Hyderabad, 20th February 2021: "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad, commenced PERIODOS 8.0, an E-games extravaganza where teams from premier B-Schools participated with much enthusiasm. The event had Chessathon as the official sponsor, which acted as a catalyst to promote the games and its benefits among corporate houses. Despite the virtual constraints, the event garnered more than five hundred participation from around fifty-seven prominent B-schools across the country-VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur, SCHMRD (PUNE), IIM Udaipur, KJSCE (Mumbai), to name a few, for various E-Games like Call of Duty Mobile, Dota II, Valorant, Poker, Among Us, Chess, epitomizing the essence of PERIODOS in five 'S' of sports- Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill, and Spirit.


At the maiden game of Valorant, Team Brutals and Team Noobies Squad from IMT Hyderabad gave a tough fight to each other where Team Brutals defeated the latter with 13-8. In the second round, Team Titans from IBS Hyderabad showed their mettle and stronghold, beating Team Brutals by 13-5, with the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game scoring a whopping 25 kills with mere 12 deaths. Team Brutals made a comeback after defeating Team Iron age with 13-2, securing their place in the finals to be held tomorrow. One of the finalists, Anish Choudhary from IMT Hyderabad said “It was indeed an amazing opportunity to be a part of a national level e-gaming tournament. During the gameplay and the challenging matches with opponents, the adrenaline rush made me play on a different level. A heartiest thanks to Periodos for bringing such a platform for us. Looking forward to the finals tomorrow.”


"The commonest mistake in history is underestimating your opponent; it happens at the poker table all the time." - General David Shoup. The participants tried their luck at one of the most nerve-wracking games of the evening, which witnessed numerous cliff-hanging moments, increasing the excitement of both the participants as well as the spectators. The winner for the game: Anmol Rathore from IIM Kashipur, said: "Poker is one the games which get me high on an adrenaline rush, and I enjoy it. It's all about the stability of mind and patience. The trick is to know exactly which hand to fold rather than which hand to play. Overall, the experience was fascinating, and I would like to thank IMT Hyderabad for the opportunity."

Dota 2

DOTA 2 witnessed strong participation from colleges all over India. The first round of the game started with an intense battle of the strategy between the teams Kappa from SCMHRD Pune & Rampage Boyz from IIM Udaipur and between teams RASAR from KJSCE Mumbai & Tryhards from IMT Hyderabad. The teams Kappa and RASAR emerged as winners in round one. The next round witnessed two matches with a decisive victory of team RASAR and team Tryhards. The third and final round saw teams RASAR and Kappa emerging victorious against teams Rampage Boyz and Tryhards. The entire game was a nail-biting experience and ended with teams RASAR and Kappa establishing ultimate supremacy by entering the finals. Speaking about the event, Nikhileshwara from Team Kappa quoted, "The whole Tournament was well organized, I hope to participate in the next year too on a larger platform." Sharing the team's experience on the game, Rajesh from RASAR expressed, "We as a team love playing DOTA 2. IMT Hyderabad gave us a platform to play this on a competitive level. Everything was managed perfectly, and we want to thank the institute for the same. Looking forward to such E-Sport events."

The first day of PERIODOS 8.0 concluded on a pleasant note, with a virtual experience like never before and one that made it into something to look forward to for the upcoming concluding day.

Hyderabad, 21st February 2021: "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success, "said Henry Ford.

Day Two of PERIODOS 8.0 brought to display the invincible spirit of the future leaders of this day and age. They continue to remain unstoppable even in unprecedented times with a pandemic at play. With day two of the annual sports fest of IMT Hyderabad kick-starting, all the participants geared themselves up to head to the finale of their respective worlds of e-gaming.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty, commonly known as COD, had the participants try their luck across several rounds, where each team competed for three games each before reaching the coveted finale round. These twenty-one matches witnessed numerous exciting moments that raised the anticipation quotient for both the participants and the spectators alike. "Thank you, Periodos and Altius, for pulling off an e-sports event well, despite the new normal," said Mohit Singh, from the winning team Clutch. He further iterated that "the fixtures and the COD timings were very well synced with the event. Kudos to the coordinators and the entire team for making the event a grand success."


As the maiden game of Valorant held its natural progression into the finals, Team Brutals of IMT Hyderabad and Team Titans from IBS Hyderabad put their best foot forward to give each other their gaming lives' best fight, especially after the surprisingly pleasant comeback by the Team Brutals. However, the title still favored the Titans, who ended up tasting the flavor of victory at the end. One of the members of Team Titans from IBS Hyderabad said: "This tournament was fun as well as competitive. We enjoyed ourselves very much. The coordinators were very supportive as well; all in all, we had a splendid experience. Hoping for more such opportunities from IMT Hyderabad."


In the nail-biting chess tournament, twenty-nine participants from over twenty-five colleges participated.

Neil Franclin from the Indian Institute of Management, Raipur, clinched the runner-up position in the Periodos Chess competition. He went on to laud the Periodos organizing team and the hosting team's efforts to conduct a smooth event. Franclin also said: "I have known and played with some of the players, and overall, it has been a good experience playing in IMT Hyderabad."

The winner, Tejas Arora, from NMIMS Mumbai, talked about the Periodos organizing team employing the Swiss format instead of the Arena format, unlike most online chess competitions. He mentioned his preference for the former over the latter because of the scoring system. Further, he said, "The tournament was organized beautifully, and I applaud the organizers for making some tough decisions as per changing requirements. Thank you, team, for such a great event.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in person soon."

Among Us

IMT Hyderabad witnessed active participation in Among Us from premier institutes all over the country like NMIMS, IIM, XLRI, to name a few. Students from more than 50 colleges took part in this event. The event saw immense competition between the students, where they displayed their talent and strategy formulating skills. It consisted of two rounds - the first round consisting of six games, and the second round, the finale, consisting of three games. Kshitij Vijay from IMT Hyderabad was declared the winner of this event, and Shivam Khare was the runner-up. As quoted by Kshitij, "What a great experience; I loved to be part of this interesting event that was well-organized by the organizing team members. Great learning experience!"

Dota II

As the finale drew closer, it made Dota II the most awaited game, with the excitement mounting each moment. The sheer thrill this game provides to its spectators makes it one of the country's top competition for games. Dota II entered the final stage with just two of its best playing teams fighting it out on the second and final day of the two-day extravaganza on 21st February. The team's strength indeed lay in their ability to strategize and execute the best of their ability and honed their skills during the game time today. KJSCE Mumbai and SCMHRD Pune engaged in a fierce battle that brought out their determination, perseverance, and team skills. The match engaged the viewers, leaving them on the edge of their seats as the thriller unfolded throughout the game. The game was a real nerve clincher, ultimately ending with team RASAR from KJSCE Mumbai emerging as the ultimate winner beating the runners-up Team Kappa from SCMHRD Pune by 38-10 points. It was a well-deserved victory as they exhibited sheer brilliance and exceptional gaming skills. Sharing the team's experience on the finale, Rajesh from the winning team RASAR quoted, "We enjoyed playing against all the teams. We followed the strategy to play offensive to have sufficient time for our core hero to farm for the late game. Thank you, IMT Hyderabad, for organizing such an amazing E-Sports event."

The audience was later addressed by Dr. Sriharsha Reddy, Dean (Academics), who said," My heartiest congratulations to the organizing committee for effectively executing such an event in the turbulent times of today. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners as well as the participants alike who would take home one of its kind experiences where it put to test stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit by indulging in this e-sports gala of an event." The event came to its closure after an address by Prof. (Dr.) Rambalak Yadav, the Periodos faculty mentor, who mentioned," Periodos brought together 57 B-schools and over 500 participants with a wide range of e-games at play. Although having you all on the field-testing endurance and stamina is a different experience. Special thanks to the team Altius, members of the Organising Committee of Team Periodos, as well as the participants." The final closing had the prize distribution ceremony to felicitate the winners of all the events held across the span of these two days. The college ultimately managed to make Periodos 8.0 a memorable affair for all the parties involved and left everyone awaiting the next chapter in the more hopeful times to come.

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