HYDERABAD, 18 to 20, October 2019: Institute of Management Technology (IMT) – Hyderabad, hosted the seventh edition of its Annual Sports Event, PERIODOS 2019 on 18th, 19th and 20th of October. Students from various parts of India came together to play and enjoy this three-day extravaganza of intense competition.

Periodos 7.0 was declared open by the director amid huge cheers by the students of IMT as well as all the participating colleges. He talked about how the event would prove to be a catalyst in forging lasting ties between all the colleges who have come to participate in this event. He wished all the participants luck for the challenging competitions ahead. Prof. Rambalak Yadav, the faculty coordinator of Periodos 7.0 too enthused the crowd with his words by mentioning that the “bonds created on the field are the ones that outlast all others.” The inauguration ceremony ended with the lighting of the baton under a sky enveloped by firecrackers.

“Play for the name on the front of the shirt and they'll remember the name on the back"

This was the spirit inherent in IMT Hyderabad as it commenced Periodos 7.0, on what could only be described as a day filled with enthusiasm, zeal and an unquenchable thirst to bring glory to the respective institutions. As the rays of the sun embraced the campus, 9 colleges came together to test their endurance, team spirit and ability to handle high pressure situations and the uncertainty that entails every sport over the course of 43 matches.


What unity truly means was on display as eleven players came together as one working unit to battle it in the ground with full valor. IBS Pune, NICMAR, VJIM, IBS Hyderabad and IMT Hyderabad were the colleges that secured the victory and entered the semi-finals. “What worked for us was effective communication amongst every member of the team. Everyone took the initiative to take the team forward.” said the star player of IBS Pune, Navneet.


The girls' basketball team left the spectators awestruck with their exhilarating performance. IMT Hyderabad turned out to be the clear winner with the star player Sakshi stating that she owed her outstanding performance to continuous years of practice. The energy with which the team played could be felt in the entire campus. For a short span of time, it could be felt that the court got converted into a place brimming with energy and life.


Volleyball, a game of strength and strategy saw the players fighting it out on the field with amazing gusto that echoed through the entire campus. The players showcased their talents in a vivacious manner. The winners were IBS Hyderabad, IBS Pune, VJIM and IPE. The crowd cheered on as the teams took their competitors head-on. “We keenly observed our competitors to find gaps which we could hit upon while motivating each other at the same time”.


Like every year, this year too witnessed a lot of budding managers channelize their passion onto the field which further translated into a victory for some of the teams. SIBM Hyderabad and IBS Hyderabad were the ones who managed to qualify for the next round. Deepshikha Singh from SIBM Hyderabad appreciated the campus as well as the management skills of the Periodos team for the smooth transition of the events and in catering to grievances of the students. She further mentioned that her matches were nail-biting, and they got good competition from IBS Hyderabad.


Chess is to mind what whetstone is to swords. A game which does not just test one's intellect but also one's patience, calm and focus. These were not just jargons but the strategy which proved to be instrumental in securing a win for Lakshya Nagpal of IMT Hyderabad, who attributed his success to maintaining his calm even when he got frighteningly close to losing out. It was his never say die attitude which helped him sail through the various tie-breaking rounds and emerge as the ultimate winner.


While a major part of the campus was feasting on the taste of the above sports, a few of them found themselves dealing in smashes and chops. The games saw participants not just displaying skills but also a compilation of strategy and presence of mind which made the penultimate difference between the winners and losers, rightly put by Palkesh and Pravin from Manage, in their statement that their teammates were the catalyst for their success. The teams who managed to secure a place in the next round were IBS Bangalore, IMT Hyderabad, IBS Hyderabad and Manage.

Day one of Periodos 7.0 ended with competitive spirits at its peak yet the indomitable will of the players shined brighter as they waited in eager anticipation for day two, for the ultimate chance to prove their might and emerge victorious. Zeal, passion and the invincible spirit of the teams were the highlight of Day One of Periodos. Bringing out the best and unleashing the vigor within, no matter what the circumstances, the managers of tomorrow proved yet again that they are unstoppable. As Day Two of Periodos dawned on the IMT Hyderabad campus, the players prepared themselves to fight it out on the field for the sweet taste of victory in the following sports:


IBS Hyderabad and IBS Bangalore gave each other a fitting competition during the finals of Basketball Men. Although it was the last match of the day, the enthusiasm of the crowd and the teams was not missing at all and Day Two of Periodos ended with IBS Hyderabad taking the trophy home in what was truly a well-deserved victory.


The girls of IMT Hyderabad and IBS Hyderabad competed against each other in a court enveloped in the cheers of the spectators in order to grab the first position. In what could only be described as a stage brimming with energy the battle to be the best was fought with such energy that everyone was left breathless. IBS Hyderabad turned out to be the victorious ones. Diya from the winning team talked about the importance of multiple strategies which worked in their favour and is also an integral part of management.


IPE and IBS Hyderabad engaged in a fierce contest that brought out the determination and drive of the teams. As the end drew near, the crowd erupted in applause as IPE claimed the trophy with a score of 25 points in each set. “Strength, endurance and perseverance is what leads to success”, this was the mantra the winning team swore by.


As the crowds cheered on, the girls from IMT Hyderabad and IBS Hyderabad gave each other a tough time on the field during the throwball match. The match left its spectators on the edge of their seats as the match kept turning around every set ultimately ending with IMT Hyderabad emerging triumphant with the score being 15-7. Neha from the winning team had attributed their success to consistent practice and overwhelming support of the home crowd.


Day Two of Periodos witnessed the rain gods having little mercy, but that did not dull the spirits of IBS Hyderabad and IBS Pune as they competed against each other in the finals of the nation's dearest sport - cricket. Both teams brought their “A” game and the match ended in a tie. Sarthak from IBS Pune stressed on how team skills, team bonding, morals and ethics were the essence behind their victory.


The girls of SIBM Hyderabad and NMIMS Hyderabad battled it out in the box cricket arena with NMIMS Hyderabad winning by 67 runs. The crowd was enamored with the performance of the teams and their chants echoed throughout the campus.


IMT Hyderabad gave intense competition to NMIMS Hyderabad in the finals of girls table tennis where NMIMS secured the win. The finals of boys table tennis witnessed IBS Hyderabad clinching the first prize with IMT Hyderabad being the runners up. “Events like these provide much needed relaxation from the stressful MBA schedule" said Disha, star player of NMIMS, thus reiterating the value of maintaining a balance between work and recreation.

The sheer magic and mad energy that entailed the first day of Periodos 7.0 continued its spell during the second day of this glorious event as well. Although the rains ruthlessly drenched the fields of IMT, it was far from dampening the resilient spirit of all the participants who battled it out on the field with the same rigour. The event however had more in store for all the participants. Dhanak, Dhwani and Navrang the three performing cohorts of IMT Hyderabad had a string of performances lined up to rejuvenate the spirits of the students. They certainly achieved that, with their scintillating performance which left everyone mesmerized. The event ended with the prize distribution ceremony to felicitate the winners of all the events. The college managed to make Periodos 7.0 a memorable affair for all the participating colleges and left everyone eagerly looking forward to the next chapter which is more than just another sports fest - a platform to forge lasting ties, to test one's abilities and challenge oneself to be bigger and better than ever before.

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