Measure what matters-Marketing & Beyond

Hyderabad, 12th September 2021: Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad, organized a session for the students of the PGDM (Executive Program) on the topic: "Measure what matters-Marketing & Beyond" by Mr. Sayantan Dasgupta, Director of Demand Generation-North America, Gramener, to help the working professionals to be better adept as per the industry standards and to transform managers into leaders.

The opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Manjunath Tumminakatti, an EPGDM student at IMT Hyderabad. He talked about the speaker's 15 years of experience in the marketing domain and his inclination towards music, wherein he had worked with the legendary music director Mr. A.R. Rahman. He also hails from the family of Bipin Chandra Pal, the Father of revolutionary thoughts.

The speaker started his address by expressing gratitude towards the institute for providing a platform for connecting with the EPGDM students and share the recent industry trends. He talked about the functionality of his current entity, Gramener, wherein the entity provides impetus to enhance decision-making for business leaders by simplifying data insights. He mentioned that he works in close coordination with the inside sales team and marketing as well. He talked about his stint as a venture capitalist, which provided prominent learnings while investing in start-ups from various countries like China, Hong Kong, etc. Talking about his childhood experience at the boarding school Darjeeling, he mentioned that his early days helped him imbibe discipline towards academics & develop a genuine passion for music, eventually enabling him to hone his multi-tasking skills leading him to work efficiently in his career stints.

At length, the session's agenda included a brief workshop to understand the industry's peculiarities at hand. Using a pre-set sheet template, the speaker equipped the attendees to better understand the marketing model and its working in action so far, given his experience in the industry. Also, the speaker exemplified the Revenue Marketing Model attribution before venturing into the pipeline and what matters to take it forward and the know-how of it. He stated that only 30% goes into the branding mix and makes customer advocates, whereas the remaining 70% is devoted to the pipeline itself-on what primarily is the source.

The discussion also delved deeper into the challenges of Revenue Marketing and how demand generation is evolving with time. In addition to it, he elaborated on investing in the right tech stock as a response to Revenue Marketing. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Campaign Management as part of Channels, Webinars, Campaigns,

Inbounds, Events, to further elaborate the campaign for the sake of more clarity was also part of the discussion.

The event closed with a vote of thanks by Mr. Manjunath Tumminakatti, wherein he expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the insights the speaker brought into the session. He also mentioned how valuable the discussion around the metrics was, and the analysis by using data sheets to hone their initial understanding was truly valuable. It would continue to hold meaning and add to their respective knowledge domain even after the closing of the Guest session. Mr. Dasgupta provided food for thought in the form of learnings in revenue marketing and sub-domains alike.

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