Hyderabad, 15 th August, 2019:IMT-Hyderabad celebrated the 73 rd Independence Day with great fervour and festivity. The event started with the flag hoisting by Dr. K. Sriharsha Reddy, Dean (Academics), which was followed by march-past by the security staff and then the National Anthem was sung.

“Though we attained freedom 72 years back, the real freedom lies in freeing ourselves from negative thoughts and contributing to the building of nation"

These words in the Dean’s address were intended to motivate the students, as managers, to work towards taking the country out of economic poverty, ecological neglect and social disharmony. He also emphasized on the need to create a sustainable India by creating economic, social and ecological value.

Dhwani, Dhanak and Navrang, the performing cohorts of Antragna- the cultural club IMT-H, mesmerized the audience with their enthralling performances. The event started with a scintillating classical dance performance, followed by a melodious rendition by members of Dhwani. The dramatics cohort of Antragna- Navrang, presented a skit about ‘Freedom of Expression’ and sought to put forward the idea that those who enjoy freedom of expression should work towards giving a voice to the ones who are being oppressed and that we should start acting like a democracy instead of just calling ourselves one. IMT-H continued its ritual of including a speech by the youngest student of the batch this year as well. It also consisted of a Telugu speech and performance by a staff member.

The day had more events lined up. Pahel- the Social Club of IMT-H, hosted a luncheon for the, hospitality and security staff of the college. This event was organized by Pahel in collaboration with the Mess Committee as a token of institute’s gratitude for their contributions towards the betterment of college. The staff also participated in a host of games.

IMT-H believes that learning is not limited to just academic excellence and tries to focus on the holistic development of its students. It is on the lines of this belief that a full day sports event was organized by Altius, the Sports Club of IMT-H. The event was more of an ice-breaking session between the juniors and the seniors. It consisted of friendly matches of cricket, chess, table-tennis, football, basketball and volleyball between the two teams. The event was a great success and witnessed enthusiastic participation from both sides. The excitement of the students was palpable in the way they were cheering during the matches. This whole event elevated the mood of the college even further.

IMT-H has always prided itself in having students of diverse backgrounds, who belong to various parts of the country. It is this amalgamation of students which makes IMT-H what it is. This diversity was reflected in today’s event as well, as everyone brought something new to the table and made the event a success.

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