In Conversation with Shri P R Ramesh

26 Nov’21 - Shri PR Ramesh, Former Chairman, Deloitte India interacted with faculty members of IMT-Hyderabad today. While stating the importance of being relevant in today’s times, he cited the examples of great companies and institutions that failed since they stopped being relevant. He advised that institutions should always think about what makes them relevant and if they are ready for disruption.

He gave a five-point method to face and manage the change that included:

1. Thinking like an emigrant who survives a hostile environment with the given skill set

2. Feeling like an artisan who continually adds value to whatever he is doing to make it different

3. Being on the beta mode so that you are ready to adopt changes

4. Realize that passion and curiosity quotient is more important than intelligence quotient

5. Finally, think like an entrepreneur who strives to be relevant at all times using the resources at his disposal.

Further, he stressed the importance of improving the industry-academia interface. This could be achieved through various mechanisms like regular faculty internships at companies, academic conferences having industry participation, industry conferences having faculty participation, and industry investment in academia for mutual growth.

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