Hyderabad, November 25 and 26, 2023: The organizing committee of IMPELZ 9.0 proudly unveiled the much-anticipated annual management fest of IMT Hyderabad, commencing on the 25th and 26th of No-vember 2023.

Under the resonating tagline of “Initiate. Innovate. Invigorate.” IMPELZ aims to promote an environment favoring unrestricted creative thinking, providing the necessary resources for the creation and finally culmi-nating in a celebration of innovation. IMPELZ provides a vibrant platform for students across the country to compete with peers and showcase their understanding in artistic and management areas, engage in intellectu-al discourse, and celebrate their accomplishments.

IMPELZ 9.0 is elated to present its recognized official sponsors- STF as a hospitality partner, Safexpress as a supply chain partner, Domino’s Pizza as a food partner, Jio Saavn as a music partner, Bobalicious as a re-freshment partner, and Instax as a digital partner. More than 50 colleges nationwide have been drawn to the fest, transforming IMT Hyderabad into a hub of management prowess.

The inauguration ceremony, hosted by Pranav Mishra and V Varsha of the 2023-2025 batch, commenced with the enchanting lighting of the lamp in the presence of Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Chaturvedula C, Dean of Academics, IMT Hyderabad, and Prof. (Dr.) Tulika Sharma, Assistant Professor and Area Chairperson (General Management) at IMT Hyderabad.

In his opening address, Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Chaturvedula officially declared IMPELZ open and applauded the diligent efforts of the organizing committee. He extended a warm welcome to all the participating col-leges and expressed his best wishes to the participants for a successful event. He emphasized the significance of IMPELZ 9.0 as a catalyst for nurturing managerial talent and fostering a spirit of healthy competition.

Prof. (Dr.) Tulika Sharma motivated all the participants, urging them to perform to their best abilities. The ceremony concluded with the hosts expressing heartfelt gratitude to Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Chaturvedula and Prof. (Dr.) Tulika Sharma for their unwavering support.


Insightix, the analytics club of IMT Hyderabad, successfully organized its flagship event, "Cogentix: The Data Contest." The event began with participants being given a national-level Case Study to analyze and use different analytical tools and techniques to solve the given problem statement. The second round held in IMT Hyderabad consisted of 4 teams from various colleges who were called to present their analysis as well as the conclusions and insights that they had drawn from the Case Study. The judge for the event was Prof. Dr. Mahesh Ramalingam, Associate Professor and Chairperson of Admissions, IMT Hyderabad. The first prize went to the team from the University of Hyderabad, and the second place went to the team represent-ing IMT Hyderabad. Prof. Dr. Ramalingam congratulated all the participants. He praised the teams for their analysis and well-structured conclusions and spoke about the importance of presentation skills in the field of analytics.


Prarambh, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell at IMT Hyderabad, meticulously curated "Pitchup," a B-plan competition presented at the Impelz 9.0. The event served as a crucial venue for prospective business owners, facilitating the presentation of creative concepts and providing a platform for extensive conversa-tions on their strategic progress. Mr. Sarath Pendyala, Assistant Professor at Anurag University, and Ms. Saketha Pingali, an esteemed alumna of IMT Hyderabad and Co-founder/CEO of Smartpharma 360, took on the responsibility of adjudicating the event, lending their seasoned expertise to the discerning evaluation of the participants.

The event was attended by 147 teams from prestigious institutes nationwide. During the final step, finalists were formally granted the opportunity to submit their visionary thoughts to the respected panelists.

The event concluded with team Picapool from IIT- Hyderabad winning the competition, with team Fervent from BMSCE, Bangalore as the runner-up. Apart from the prize money, the respected judges offered both teams mentorship. The mementos were presented to the judges and the event concluded after handing out the certificates to all the participants.


Tassavur, the creative house of IMT Hyderabad, organized “Market Mosiac,” an event where marketers re-vamp product packaging and unleash their storytelling prowess. The participants were asked to redesign the packaging and redefine the product with a creative tagline. In the next round, qualified teams were asked to present an advertisement of 30 seconds. The event was conducted online, and advertisements of all the teams were played while they were giving presentations. NALSAR, MIT, XIME, and IBS were the colleges who was part of the event. The event was judged by Mr. Varindra Adhikari, a professional photographer with over five years of experience in digital photography, 12 years in mobile photography, and over seven years of experience in DSLR photography.

The event concluded with the insightful comments of Mr. Adhikari to the teams and the XIME, Kochi team was announced as the First runner-up, and the NALSAR, University of Law, Hyderabad team was an-nounced as the Winner. The event ended with Mr. Varindra Adhikari congratulating all the teams and hosts presents a vote of thanks to the judge and all the participants.


Opuskriya, The Operations club of IMT Hyderabad, successfully organized the grand finale of its flagship event, Episteme, culminating in a captivating presentation of operational expertise and strategic brilliance. Conducted entirely online, the final round attracted students from various premier institutes across the coun-try, displaying their expertise in the realm of Operational Management.

The event commenced with a warm welcome extended by the host, who expressed gratitude to the esteemed judges, Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kumar Biswal Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Area Chairperson, IMT-Hyderabad, and Mr. Santosh Tanugula, Capability Lead - Supply Chain Consulting at Thoucentric. The event attracted participation from top-tier institutes across the country, including IIM, Calcutta, Masters Union, IMT Hy-derabad, and KITE College of Professional Engineering Sciences.

The final phase of the finale was an array of presentations from the seven finalist teams, showcasing practical insights and strategies rather than just theory. Each presentation was followed by a provocative Q&A session facilitated by judges, which probed their understanding of the case and challenged their proposed solutions.

In a testament to the event's success, Mr. Santosh Tanugula, offered wisdom to the management lead-ers, emphasizing the current operational challenges and how to tackle them with resilience and innovation. Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kumar Biswal expressed his gratitude to the organizing team and applauded the partici-pants for their commendable presentations.

The competition's results would be sent to the team via email. The ceremony concluded with the hosts ex-pressing heartfelt gratitude to all the teams and the judges for their contributions to the event's success.


Pahel, the CSR club of IMT Hyderabad, organized a Nukkad Natak Competition, “Jagriti.” The event com-menced with the draw of lots; participants were given a sequence to perform. All the teams performed a di-verse range of performances, exploring a myriad of themes and genres. From thought-provoking dramas to addressing social issues like women empowerment, cyber security, fighting for freedom, saying no to war, the importance of voting, and upholding the mantra of never giving up in hard times. The event showcased the versatility and creativity of students. Leading institutions like CVR Engineering College, Shiv Shivani Institute of Management, and Ashoka School of Business were part of the event, and a team, Rangmanch, CVR College of Engineering, Hyderabad was declared the winner of the competition. The judge for the event, Bharathi Kode, Program Manager in GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, the CSR arm of GMR Group, congratulated and appreciated hearing from young people who addressed the critical social issues in a delib-erate manner. She shared experiences about women empowerment and appreciated the team who took up their theme of empowering women.


The Cultural society of IMT Hyderabad, Antragna, presented Alankar, a mesmerizing night of music, on the occasion of IMPELZ 9.0. The event welcomed a diverse audience of music enthusiasts who were eager to experience the musical talent on display.

Alankar showcased a range of musical performances featuring both solo and group artists. The performers, representing various colleges, captivated the audience with their soulful renditions, energetic raps, and melo-dious harmonies. The event's vibrant atmosphere was further enhanced by the enthusiastic participation of the audience, who sang along and cheered throughout the evening.

Antragna's Alankar was a resounding success, demonstrating the exceptional musical talent within the IMT Hyderabad community and beyond. The event provided a platform for aspiring musicians to share their pas-sion and connect with fellow music lovers. It also served as a testament to Antragna's commitment to pro-moting music and enriching the cultural landscape of IMT Hyderabad.

The Participants were from different colleges, and all of them performed exceptionally well; they were the major reason why the event was so successful.


Antragna, the cultural club of IMT, Hyderabad, successfully hosted the ultimate dance showdown - Mudra at Impelz 9.0. The event commenced with a warm welcome to the esteemed judges - Mr. Arun Kumar, lead-er of VIT’s hip-hop dance crew, and Miss Samridhi Dugar, a skilled dance artist and accomplished alumna of IMT, Hyderabad. Mudra featured exceptional performances, attracting participants from some of India's leading B-schools. The event culminated with felicitating the judges with a gift hamper and memento, fol-lowed by the announcement of winners. The performing team from ICFAI Business School, DP Crew, won the competition, and the team from Woxsen University, Just Naach, was announced as the first runner-up.



Synergy, the HR Club of IMT Hyderabad, adeptly orchestrated their flagship event - L.E.A.D HR, as a part of the annual fest, IMPELZ 9.0. Drawing participation from over 80+ teams representing India's leading B-schools, the event showcased high engagement and intense competition. After the culmination of the first round, HR Buzz, which was held online via the Unstop platform, the top 6 teams were promoted to the sec-ond round, Expertise in Echelons, conducted at the IMT, Hyderabad campus. The second round commenced with the welcoming of the judge, Miss Manne Dasaradhi Kiranmoy, corporate training manager at Apollo Pharmacy. Participating teams were tasked with presenting solutions for the designated corporate challenges, adopting the perspective of an HR manager. Towards the end of the round, Miss Kiranmoy was felicitated by the club's POCs. Before announcing the winners, the judge encouraged students by sharing insights from her experiences and quoting that failure is not the end. The top 4 teams advanced to the final round of the competition, StHRategy Showdown, a case-study competition centered around corporate scenarios. The judge, Mr. Gijo Mathew, Head of Learning and Development at Auro Infra Private Ltd., escalated the event by asking participating teams to identify one key point differentiating them from the other teams. While ad-dressing students, he also emphasized the importance of empathy as a vital skill of an HR Manager. As the round concluded, Mr. Mathew was honored by the POCs. Team W.E from IMT, Hyderabad, won the com-petition, while Team Visionary Masters from IBS, Hyderabad, and Team Trailblazers from IMT, Hyderabad, were the shared winners for the first runner-up position.


Athena, the strategy club of IMT Hyderabad, successfully organized their flagship event, “Chakravyuh.” The first round was an online quiz round, which helped to determine the top 8 teams that were then invited to the campus to compete in round 2- ‘Ingenious Syndicate,’ A strategic business game where the partici-pants had to bid and trade amongst themselves to earn the highest profit. Prof. Dr. Anandrao Suvvari, Assis-tant Professor, General Management, IMT Hyderabad, judged the event.

The round's rules were explained to the participants, after which a thrilling auction was conducted. Follow-ing the auction, the negotiation round began. After rigorous negotiation, the teams traded for resources amongst themselves.

The event came to a close as each team's profit was calculated and displayed. The 1st place was secured by Team Prayas, and the runner-up team was Team Bold Types. Both teams were awarded the certificate of ap-preciation by Prof. (Dr.) Suvvari, congratulated all the participants for their enthusiasm and effort.


Finacea, the finance club of IMT Hyderabad, successfully wrapped up the initial stage of their event, 'Prakshepan,' just ahead of the commencement of Impelz 9.0. The main objective was to provide participants with the knowledge and abilities to properly showcase a firm by delving into the details of finance and relat-ed events. Out of more than 300 teams from leading B-schools participating in the event, six finalists arrived at the IMT-H campus to compete for the title. The event hosts, Mayur Agrawal and Dipa Mishra welcomed all the participants and formally commenced the event. Teams were challenged to deduce companies and sectors from subtle hints provided, emphasizing analytical prowess.

In the second phase of the 'Chanakya Neeti' event, participating teams were tasked with computing company valuations by extracting financial data and preparing comprehensive presentations to elucidate their findings and recommendations. The final round, judged by Bharat Kumar, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Kotak Mahin-dra Bank, and Murli Krishnaswamy, CFO of Meenakshi Group, witnessed the student’s adept presentations of their forecasts and valuations. Teams Vegalyst and Clove from IMT Hyderabad emerged as the winners, alongside Team Findlads from IMT Nagpur, who secured the runners-up position. The event concluded with the presentation of mementos to the judges and the issuing of certificates to all participants.


Mercatus Mantra, the marketing club of IMT Hyderabad, organized AdTract as a part of the annual fest IM-PELZ 9.0. The 1st round was ADaptitude, a quiz-based round where participants' understanding of the mar-keting domain was put to the test. The event progressed with ADpresent, in which teams needed to make a PPT considering an imaginary product. The top 4 teams went for the 3rd and final round, which was a case study competition. Units were provided with a case study to solve how Crocs, known as an ugly product, back to how it is perceived today. The judging panel consisted of Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Gupta, Profesor, IMT Hyderabad, and Mrs Deepika Kumari, Area business manager - Titan. A question-answer round by the judg-es followed each presentation.

Team Troubleshooters of Insititute of Rural Management, Anand won the competition. Team Marcon from IMT, Nagpur, and Team Trinklets from IMT, Hyderabad, became runner-ups. Judges congratulated all the teams. The mementos were presented to the judges, and the event concluded after handing out certificates to all groups.


CommWing, the communication club of IMT Hyderabad, has successfully organized its flagship event, the League of Nations. This groundbreaking initiative is poised to unite brilliant minds from diverse back-grounds to engage in a high-stakes diplomatic and problem-solving competition.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from hosts, setting an energetic tone for the morning. The hosts introduced the distinguished panel of judges, featuring the multi-talented Ms. Nafisa, a fashion designer and extraordinary entrepreneur! Alongside her, Rahul Taneja, with 17 years of expertise leading key accounts at IQVIA, adds a wealth of industry insight to the judging panel. CommWing also invites the event Mentor, Dr. Tulika Sharma (Faculty at IMT Hyderabad), who brought invaluable insights and guidance to participants.

The final phase of the finale was an array of presentations from the Nine finalist teams, showcasing practical insights and strategies rather than just theory. Participants engaged in intense negotiations, fostered alliances and presented their solutions with a fervor that promised to reshape perspectives on global issues. Each presentation was followed by a provocative Q&A session facilitated by judges.

At the conclusion of the event, Mr. Rahul Taneja delved into the pros and cons of decision-making at the global level, emphasizing the importance of nuanced approaches in today's interconnected world. The es-teemed judges announced Team SINCEWARROM, representing Hungary and hailing from Nalsar Universi-ty of Law, as the triumphant Winner. The outstanding performance of Team CHIRPY CHOPSTIX, repre-senting Bolivia, secured them the well-deserved title of Runner-Up.


The cultural society of IMT Hyderabad, Antragna, presented Rangmanch. This event promised a blend of talent, creativity, and theatrical brilliance. With charismatic hosts and discerning judges, the stage was set for a memorable evening that left the audience on the edge of their seats. The event's hosts, Minu Kumari, Aman Gupta, and Pranav Pandey, welcomed everyone. The participants, who came from SIBM Hyderabad, IBS Hyderabad, and IMT Hyderabad, worked together to make the event a success. An experienced panel of judges, Sandeep Sahu (Freelance Actor/director/Actor Trainer, Hyderabad) and Prof. (Dr.) Purnima Khe-mani (Assistant professor, IMT Hyderabad) was there to hear the teams' performances. The winner was Team Navrang from IMT Hyderabad, and the runner-up was Team XpressionZ from IBS Hyderabad.


Antrangna, the dynamic cultural society of IMT Hyderabad, took the spotlight with Amaya, an amalgama-tion of fashion and music, presented during the much-anticipated IMPELZ 9.0. The event unfolded at the IMT Hyderabad campus, drawing in a diverse audience of fashion enthusiasts eager to witness the seamless integration of this artistic realm. The stage pulsated with the blasting performance of the participants. The dynamic atmosphere was heightened by the enthusiastic participation of the audience, who cheered for all the participants, creating an unforgettable experience.

The fusion of music and fashion reached its zenith as Amaya seamlessly integrated a theme-based fashion show into the musical extravaganza. Carefully curated fashion presentations added a visually stunning layer to the event, providing a unique and immersive experience.

Antrangna's Amaya proved to be a great success, showcasing exceptional talents within the IMT Hyderabad community and also from many other colleges like SIBM Hyderabad, IBS Hyderabad, Woxen University, and many others.

Expert judges Saudamini Dixit and Sameeksha Dugar faced the challenge of evaluating the performances. The nights were emanated by an electrifying performance by Psychedelics of IMT Hyderabad, crowned as the winner, while the Moving Mannequins from IBS Hyderabad claimed the runner-up spot.


In an era where digital communication dominates, the significance of effective storytelling cannot be over-stated. Recognizing the pivotal role of storytelling in fostering creativity and communication skills, the Me-dia Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad successfully organized the Alteritas event and made it available to different college students through the Unstop Platform.

Alteritas challenged participants to form teams of two from different colleges and select character pairs. These pairs were the focal point for an intriguing prompt, around which participants crafted imaginative sto-ries. The narrative prowess of the teams was put to the test as they delved into the depths of their chosen characters, weaving compelling tales that reflected their creativity and storytelling finesse.

Following the story-writing phase, participants took their narratives to the next level by creating a persuasive two-minute video clip. This clip was served as their pitch to convince publishers to bring their stories to life. The fusion of storytelling and multimedia presentation added an exciting and dynamic element to Alteritas, making it a one-of-a-kind event. After a tough competition, the winner and the runner-up were declared by the Committee members who served as the judging panel for the Event.

Following intense deliberation, Team Kawasaki clinched victory with their inventive story featuring Shin-chan and Hitler. Team Cyanide secured the runner-up spot, showcasing creativity with Baburao and Wonder Woman. The tough competition highlighted the exceptional storytelling at Alteritas, emphasizing the unique narratives brought to life by the participating teams.


IMT Hyderabad concluded its dynamic two-day event, Impelz 9.0. The grand culmination took place with an electrifying DJ night featuring DJ Rhea, a talented performer who is Renowned for the amazing tracks that she plays across the audience. Transforming the atmosphere into a pulsating celebration. The event, pri-marily centered around rock music, saw enthusiastic participants showcasing their finest dance moves. Post the festivities, Professor (Dr.) Tulika Sharma, an esteemed Assistant Professor at IMT Hyderabad, formally declared the conclusion of Impelz 9.0. She extended warm wishes to all, anticipating their presence at the upcoming Impelz 10.0.

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