Impelz 8.0

Hyderabad, 19th and 20th November 2022: The organizing committee of Impelz organized the annual management fest of IMT Hyderabad which commenced on 19th November 2022.

The tagline of IMPELZ, “Think. Create. Celebrate, " focuses on promoting an environment where people can think freely, have all the resources to create, and finally celebrate the creation. This festival is a platform for students across the country to compete with their peers and demonstrate their aptitude, expertise, and understanding in various areas of interest, whether artistic or management-focused.

IMPELZ 8.0 is ecstatic to announce its official sponsors- GRT Hotels & Resorts as our hospitality partner, Domino’s as our food partner, SLN Hospitality as our event partner, Coca-Cola as our refreshment partner, and Kwikpic as the photography partner. The event has attracted registrations from more than 50 colleges across the country.

The hosts for the day, Palash Tondon of batch 2021-23 and Harshita Parihar of batch 2022-24 welcomed Dr. K. Sriharsha Reddy, Director, IMT Hyderabad, and Prof. (Dr.) Tulika Sharma, Assistant Professor, IMT Hyderabad on the stage for the lighting of the lamp. They were accompanied by Mr. Rahul Pramani, Faculty Associate, IMT Hyderabad, Prof. (Dr.) Steven Raj Padakandla, Associate Professor, IMT Hyderabad, and two students from the organizing committee. The ceremony progressed toward the address of the Director. He declared Impelz open and praised the organizing committee for all their efforts. He mentioned that the fest was being organized after a gap of two years. Dr. K. Sriharsha Reddy welcomed all the members of different colleges who participated in the fest and wished all the participants good luck. Prof. (Dr.) Tulika Sharma motivated all the participants to give their best. The ceremony concluded after our hosts presented a vote of thanks to Prof. (Dr.) Tulika Sharma and Prof. (Dr.) Steven Raj Padakandla for their unconditional support.


Pahel, the CSR club of IMT Hyderabad organized an exalted event “Sanchay”. The first round of their flagship event was concluded via online mode and the top 5 teams were invited to campus for a further round. The event commenced with the draw of lots; participants were given a sequence for the presentation. The second round was a case study presentation round, where the students were provided with a case study on building an inclusive workplace at The Royal suite. All the teams presented their solution to the judges of the event and gave an impactful insight. Leading institutions like SRCC, DU were part of the event, and a team from DMS, NALSAR University, Hyderabad was declared the winner of the competition. One of the judges, Dr. Vijaya Kumar, Ph.D. in Anthropology congratulated and appreciated hearing from young people who addressed the critical issue of inclusivity and applauded the whole team for the great event.


Synergy, the HR club of IMT Hyderabad successfully organized the first round of their flagship event "L.E.A.D HR" via online mode. The first half of the second round 'Break the Saga' was held on the first day of Impelz 8.0. Out of more than 70+ teams from leading B-schools that participated in the event, 5 finalist teams were invited to the campus to compete for the prize. The master of ceremonies of the event Shreyash Borkar and Khushal Purohit of batch 2022-24 welcomed all the participants along with the judge Prof. (Dr.) Neethu Mohammed, Ph.D. in HRM, commenced the event formally. The teams were already been provided a company and one HR problem that the company is facing. They were asked to prepare a presentation and send it to the event organizing team. They were then asked to present the problem and its solution in front of the judge. The event proceeded with the second half of the second round 'HRellect', where teams were provided with the company name and the vacant position in that company, they have to make a Job description, Compensation Plan and Interview Questions. Judge Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey stated that Impelz is the event they all look forward to and she congratulated and appreciated the winning team from SMIS Pune for their ingenious performance. The event concluded with a vote of thanks to the Judge and the participants.


Athena, a student-driven strategy club of IMT Hyderabad, successfully organized Chakravyuh, an inter-collegiate competition. Following Round 1 - 'Strat-a-Quiz,' thirty-minute invigorating online quiz qualifications, five finalist teams were invited to the campus to compete in round 2- ‘Pitch Imperfect’. All the participating teams and the event's judge and advisor were cordially welcomed by Arusha Maken and Nithya Sree from batch 2022-2024. The competing five teams pitched for a brand or business that had been assigned to them in the interim. The strategy frameworks were used by the teams to highlight the company's central problem and present solutions to it. Following each presentation, each team went through an intense round of questions and answers by the judge. Further, Prof. (Dr.) Pushpesh Pant congratulated and appreciated the winner, Jitesh from IIM-Visakhapatnam, and the runner-up, Harsh Mehta from NMIMS-Bangalore, for their brilliant participation. The event was concluded with a vote of thanks by the hosts to the distinguished panelists and gratitude to all the attendees.


The analytics club of IMT Hyderabad, Insightx, organized its flagship event, "Cogentix: A Data Competition." The objective of the event was to transform data into knowledge and knowledge into insights. The participants were supposed to solve a dataset by applying different analytical tools and techniques. The event was organized online to facilitate participation by institutes across India. Four teams in total qualified for the final round, and they were evaluated based on their analysis and insights drawn from the case study. The judge’s panel consisted of Prof. Indranil Ghosh, Assistant Professor, IMT Hyderabad, and Prof. Mahesh Ramalingam, Assistant Professor, IMT Hyderabad. While declaring the results, Prof. Indranil mentioned that judging the competition was a difficult process because everyone did such a good job, and the participants should not be disheartened because completing this challenging case study was a prize in itself. The first prize went to a team representing IMT Hyderabad itself, while IIM Kolkata stood as the runner-up.


Commwing, the communication club of IMT Hyderabad successfully organized their flagship event ‘League of Nations’. The first round of the event was conducted via online mode and the top 8 teams were invited to the campus to participate in the final round. For the final round, the teams were provided with a common topic from a pool of topics and each team had to provide a solution and presented it in front of the judges. After their presentation, they allied with other countries and stated the reason for the alliance to the judges. One of the judges, Dr. Aparna Nori, Ph.D. in Spanish, congratulated all the participating teams, and the event organizing team for carrying out a successful event and expressed how it takes a lot to put forth ideas in front of a crowd. The team Sudan from the College of Horticulture came up as winners of the event, and the team Japan from IMT Hyderabad came up as runners-up. The event concluded with a vote of thanks to the Judge and the participants.


Mercatus Mantra, the marketing club of IMT Hyderabad successfully organized its flagship event Adtract. The 1st round, Adapitude, was an online round. The top six teams were then called over for the final round of Adtract. The teams were given a case study on “Rebuilding of Tainted Brands” wherein, the teams had to identify the key points of the case and then formulate various solutions using relevant data and framework. The judge’s panel consisted of Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Gupta, Professor, IMT Hyderabad, and Prof. (Dr.) Tulika Sharma, Assistant professor, IMT Hyderabad. All the teams participated enthusiastically and delivered their presentations with sincerity. Each presentation was followed by a question-answer round by the judges as well as the audience present.

The competition was won by IIM Bodh Gaya and NMIMS, Hyderabad became the runners-up. Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Gupta congratulated all six teams for putting in the effort and showing the requisite enthusiasm. The mementos were presented to the judges and the event concluded after handing out the certificates to all the participants.


Finacea, the finance club of IMT Hyderabad concluded the first round of their flagship event ‘Prakshepan’ before the first day of Impelz 8.0. Out of more than 500 teams from leading B-schools participating in the event, 5 finalists arrived at the IMT-H campus to compete for the title. Hosts of the event Somesh Khandelwal and Shrishti Tolani welcomed all the participants and formally commenced the event. The teams were asked to identify companies and their sectors using hints provided to them. They were then asked to compute the company valuation by extracting the financials of the company and prepare a presentation explaining the findings & recommendations and present the same. The final round of the event ‘Chanakya Neeti’ was judged by PROF. (DR.) NIKHIL RASTOGI and MR. RAHUL BRAHMANI. The students presented their forecasts and company valuations. Team ‘Alpha’ from NMIMS Bangalore came out to be the winner of the event along with Team ‘Thunderbolts’ from TAPMI as the runners-up.


Opuskriya – The Operations club of IMT Hyderabad successfully held the final round for its flagship program, Episteme. The final round witnessed the participation of teams from different premier Institutes and was conducted entirely online. Suditi Prasad from batch 2022-2024 initiated the event by thanking the judges, Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kumar Biswal Ph.D. and Prof. (Dr.) Pushpesh Pant, Ph.D., assistant professor at IMT-Hyderabad, for their presence and introducing the event's final round. Shreya Agarwal of the 2022-2024 batch congratulated all teams that advanced to the final round and welcomed everyone to the event. Five finalist teams presented a case study related to lean sigma, followed by a Q&A session with the judges. The competition's results would be sent to the team via email. Shreya concluded the event by thanking all of the teams for their presence and club members for their contributions to the event's success.


The creative house of IMT Hyderabad, Tassavur, organized "Packos Aesthetos", an event to test the creativity of all the budding marketers out there. The participants were asked to design unique packaging for the products with predefined themes. The Tassavur team evaluated the entries based on their general appeal and design as well as their ability to keep customers' attention. The competition was conducted online, and participants from all around the nation took part with great fervor.


The entrepreneurship and innovation cell of IMT Hyderabad, Prarambh organized "Pitchup ", a B-plan competition at Impelz 8.0. It serves as a forum for aspiring business owners to present their ideas and discuss how to move them forward. The event was judged by two young entrepreneurs, Mr. Sushil Kumar, Co-founder, and CEO, of My perfect fit, and Mr. Krishna Chaitanya Savali, An alum of IMT Hyderabad and Founder and CEO of Fuelkart.com. More than 200 teams from institutes across the country participated in the event and the finalists got a chance to present their ideas in front of the panelists.

The event concluded with team Wire and hire from SIT Turmur winning the competition with team Boomers from SKLTSHU, Hyderabad as the runner-up. Apart from the prize money, both teams were offered mentorship by the respected judges.

The event concluded with a special message for every entrepreneur out there by Mr. Sushil Kumar-"Everyone wants to become gold, but what if we become a philosopher's stone so that everyone we touch turns into gold."


Mudra was staged by Antragna, the cultural organization at IMT Hyderabad. Harshita Parihar and Sankar Pratim Baruah, the event's hosts, welcomed everyone and kicked off the festivities. More than 15 teams from various B-schools around the country participated in the event. The event was judged by Harshini Bhupathiraju, a professional Kuchipudi artist, and a multitalented classical dancer. The performing team from the College of Horticulture won the event, and the teams from IMT Hyderabad and SIBM Hyderabad were the runners-up of the event. The judge then shared her insights about how it was extremely difficult to judge and decide on winners, and how the performances transported her back to her college days.


Antragana, the cultural club of IMT Hyderabad organized a beautiful theme-based fashion show “Amaya”. Parakh Nayak and Richa Chauhan from Batch 2021-23 welcomed all the participants from various leading institutes, the audience, and the judges and formally commenced the event. The participants amazed the audience and judges with their creative minds by beautifully executing the show. The team from SIBM, Hyderabad, and IBS, Hyderabad won the event, judges of the event Kushagra Singh and Mandira Jain (Alumni 2020-22), IMT Hyderabad Alumnus Congratulated and presented an award to the winners of Amaya and they appreciated the whole organizing team for executing the event so graciously.


The music society of IMT Hyderabad, Antragna, presented Alankar. Aurobrata Behera and Sriram Satuluri, the event hosts, extended a warm welcome to all attendees before officially starting the event. Over 50 teams registered, and of those, 20 teams performed. A range of artists, including rap artists and solo and group performers, participated. The participants were from different colleges who have come together to make the event successful. The teams were to present their performance to an expert panel of judges Dr. Tulika Sharma, Manoj Borah & Priyank Joshi (Alumni 2020-22) and the winner was IMT Hyderabad along with runner-up IBS Hyderabad.


The cultural society of IMT Hyderabad, Antragna, presented Rangmanch. The event's hosts, Harshita Parihar, Sankar Pratim Baruah, and Akanksha Sinha, welcomed everyone and gave it a ceremonial start. The participants, who came from various colleges, worked together to make the event a success. An experienced panel of judges Satya Chakra (National Award Director) was to hear the teams' performances and the winner were IMT Hyderabad along with runner-up IBS Hyderabad.


Sashastra was presented by Antragna the cultural society of IMT Hyderabad. Hosts of the event Parakh Nayak and Richa Chauhan welcomed all the participants and formally commenced the event. A range of artists includes solo and group instrumental performers, The participants were across different colleges who have come together to make the event successful. The teams were to present their performance to an expert panel of judges to Somya Srivastava (Alumni 2017-19 and the winner was KL Guntur University along with runner-up IBS Hyderabad.


Impelz 8.0, the annual fest event organized by IMT-Hyderabad came to a close with its final event ‘Showdown’. The event was hosted by DJ MUSZIK MMAFIA, one of the top DJ performers in the country. The final event proved to be a much-required break from the busy schedules for the past two days. Following the event, Prof. (Dr.) Tulika Sharma, Assistant Professor, IMT Hyderabad formally declared IMPELZ 8.0 has concluded and wished for everyone to see them at IMPELZ 9.0.

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