Impelz 7.0

Hyderabad, 08th December 2021: The seventh edition of 'Impelz', a two-day long management extravaganza is set to touch a cherished milestone envisioned ever since the inception of IMT Hyderabad on 9th and 10th of January. Keeping in mind the constraints in the present scenario, the institute is ready to take forward the events in online mode with all its enthusiasm. The theme of the event this year is the ‘Digital Space’.

The main motive of IMPELZ is to provide to the students all over the country with a platform to unleash their potential to showcase their talent, knowledge, and understanding in different areas of their interest, whether it's creative or management-oriented, and compete with their peers. It is an attempt to help them boost their confidence and expand the horizon of their learning experience curve that they can cherish as they move forward in life.

With an entire gamut of activities lined up, this mega event has attracted registrations from more than 75 colleges across the country. Over the course of two days, numerous case study competitions, creatives and other contests have been planned with arduous efforts and great dedication. IMPELZ 7.0 is also happy to announce its official sponsors- Knowello as our official partner, MomsKart as our snacking partner, Shrigo hotels as our hospitality partner and Ticker by finology as our fintech partner and 21 other event specific sponsors.

IMPELZ, being one of the most sought-after events amongst the students, is all set to unbox its unique flavour filled with memorable experiences by expecting spontaneity because of its jam packed schedule but at the same time replenishing it with more vigour and enthusiasm for all its participants. The prime intention behind this event is not just to provide a period of recreation, but to help them explore different shades of life by giving the students an opportunity to amalgamate their skills thereby encouraging them to put their best foot forward.

Hyderabad, 9th January 2021: Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad is again geared up to host its seventh edition of the annual management fest Impelz. The event, i.e., panned out for two days, 9th and 10th of January 2021, is one of its kind as the much-awaited festive fervour was brought to life to the otherwise glim times. The annual festival attempts to celebrate the mind's creative spirit by getting the best minds together from across the country.

IMPELZ 7.0 took off with great enthusiasm and zest among the students in the online mode marking its commencement with an opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) Sriharsha Reddy, Professor, and Dean - Academics, with a warm welcome to all its students and participants from over a hundred different colleges throughout the country - NMIMS, SIBM, Prin. L. N. Welingkar, LSR, KJSMR, IBS, NIT Trichy, IIM Indore, to name a few. "The development and team spirit that can be seen in each student through this event are remarkable. We hope our students achieve greater heights with the same dedication and explore different avenues in the management field,"-noted the Director, Prof. (Dr.) M. Vekateshwarlu. At the same time, he expressed a warm welcome to all colleges for their valuable presence. Prof. (Dr.) Rambalak Yadav congratulated all the students and participants for their hard work and dedication. The present circumstances required working on the situation as it comes in their stride while making the best of it, leaving no stone unturned to make the event a huge success. The opening day had a line-up of several competitions hosted by several clubs of IMT, Hyderabad ranging from domains like Strategy, Finance, Operations, Entrepreneurship, HR, and one by the Creative house.


Prarambh, the Entrepreneurship Club, had the good fortune to provide participants the platform to showcase their future business ideas' presentation skills. According to John A Shedd and Albert Einstein, "A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." Team Prarambh conducted the first two rounds of the three-round event, Pitch-Up, before Day 1. The eleven finalists who qualified through the two rounds had to present their business ideas to a team of panelists who evaluated the idea based on numerous parameters in the final round conducted during Impelz-7.0. Mr. Bhanu Prakash Reddy Varla, Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

of Beenfield Consulting and Angel Investor, mentioned, "the event serves as an opportunity for all of us to learn, and here's wishing luck to all of you."

"Pitch-Up" by Team Prarambh was designed to exemplify this further by bringing participants innovative ideas and disruptive business models to spotlight and undergo refinement by the industry veteran judges' insights and experiences.


According to Constantinos Markides: "Designing a winning strategy is the art of asking questions, experimenting, and then constantly renewing the thinking process by questioning the answers. No matter how good today's strategy is, you must always keep reinventing it." Athena-the strategy club of IMT Hyderabad hosted 'Chakravyuh,' which tested the participants' strategy quotient through their understanding of solving the case study. The utmost sincerity and excitement of the strategy enthusiasts made the event an absolute success. "The event's overall learning experience was very enriching, and the organizing team also helped to catalyze it," said Anushka, a participant at the event from Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), University of Delhi.


Tassavur, the creative house of IMT, Hyderabad, organized Mix with Wix, which let the participants indulge in a zone of artistic endeavour. The participants used their skills and brilliance to design a cloud kitchen website that featured a posh element of women empowerment. The judge for the event was Miss Reethika Nair, the head of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. She praised the participants' enthusiasm and was amazed to see the hard work and effort put up by them. One of the finalists, Madhumita CJ, from NIT Trichy, said, "The events organized were fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the B-plan Simulation, where we had to negotiate with the competitors and take different role plays. Overall, team Tassavur-The Creative House of IMT Hyderabad did fabulous work organizing various events following all standards."


The first round of Finacea, FinFuse, concluded before the first day of Impelz 7.0. After qualifying for the second round, Finalyse, the participants had to guess the industry on the industry averages displayed in the financial statements in Microsoft Excel. The participants had to make projections of the future growth or decline of the stated industry average values to predict the industry's health. According to the National Institute of Banking team, known as 'Banker Babu,' consisting of Mr. Shrey Jain and Ms. Tamanna Rangnani: "It was a great opportunity for both of us to be able to showcase our skills." Indeed, the participants' concepts of finance and awareness of happenings in the economy were enhanced simultaneously, sharpening their analytical capabilities in the final round, "Pitch Please." The participants' concepts in finance and the awareness of happenings in the economy were enhanced simultaneously, sharpening their analytical capabilities in the final round, Pitch Please. The participants presented their forecasts of the industry average values in the future, which would help them gain practical knowledge about the financial intricacies and figures that influence investor sentiment.


Opuskriya, the operations club of IMT-Hyderabad, conducted Episteme-an intercollegiate competition for all the operations enthusiasts. This was an opportunity for showcasing their excellence by producing unique and feasible solutions to the several dilemmas depicted in various case studies. The idea was to put to the test core managerial skills such as coming onto quick resolutions and thorough decision making even under the crunch of time. A participant from SIOM (Symbiosis Institute of Operation Management), Aditi Chauhan– "The event was incredibly insightful, and the question-and-answer round were meticulously driven, leaving us with food for thought." A qualifying team even claimed that "it made us study six sigma, which was a learning curve since solving this case study entailed it, our participation thus becoming a complete gain."

The first day of Impelz 7.0 concluded on a pleasant note, with a virtual experience like never before and one that made it into something to look forward to for the upcoming concluding day.

Hyderabad,10th January 2021: DAY-2

The final day of Impelz 7.0 took things up a notch, even further. The event saw the participants much more zealous with the events weighing higher on the interest quotient. At the heart of any management fest lies the business events, and Impelz 2021 offered a plethora of multi-faceted competitions to its enthusiastic participants.


Synergy, the HR Club of IMT Hyderabad, hosted the flagship event 'Lead HR'. It comprised of 'Smart Start' -a case study analysis round. Citing their experience at the event, a participant of Team Avengers from the Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, added, "I have participated in few of them this season, but this was the best experience."


The Public Relations and Blog team of the Media Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad hosted their flagship event "Alternate Plot Communique", the ultimate writing competition at Impelz 7.0. The event witnessed participation from IIM Indore, TAPMI, IIM Nagpur, to name a few. It comprised of a blog round, followed by the PR round, which provided the avenue to demonstrate articulation abilities and tested the student's formal writing skills. Citing his experience, Anish from IMT, Hyderabad added, " The event was well managed, and the team made us comfortable with the concept of writing alternative storyline. We look forward to many such competitions ahead."


Mercatus Mantra-The marketing club of IMT Hyderabad conducted its major event -Ad Tract. The participants showcased their marketing domain knowledge, which helped them to better understand real-life problems and derive sustainable solutions for the given situation. The event witnessed intense competition between different teams participating from various top B-schools across the country for clinching the coveted title of 'Ad Tract Guru'. One of the top finalists from

SIMS Pune said "we had an amazing time. Your team had organised it wonderfully, and we can't wait for next year’s Impelz!"


Data is usually imperfect and incomplete but analysing it to make it simpler for others, is currently the need of the hour. Cognetix was hosted by Insightix, the analytics club of IMT Hyderabad. The participants were asked to analyse the data, provided to them a week ago, by thinking outside the box, using their problem-solving skills and presenting it in the event. The winning team from Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM), IIT, Kharagpur said, "We had a great time taking a crack at the challenge. Not only it helped us push our boundaries but also got us going for a new and innovative solution together as a team."


"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." - Plato.

Dhwani, the music arm of Antragna, the Cultural Club of IMT Hyderabad organised a solo singing competition for the vocalists, giving the platform to the participants to showcase their singing skills and test the waters with the best of the talent gathered from across the country. The winner of the event from IIM Raipur said: "I had a wonderful experience participating in Antragna's Alankaar competition. The 'Musical twist' part added to the competition, brought out the creativity in every participant and added a fun element to the competition. The efforts taken by the organising team in this unusual situation is much appreciated."


Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. Antragna, the cultural club of IMT Hyderabad organised Amaya, the fashion show, where the participants amazed the audience and judges with their creative mind by putting up photo shoots and other creative ways to show their grace, elegance, style and personality. It was a fantastic opportunity for the participants to show the passion field of fashion. The home team, Team Psychedelics, secured the first position and

bought pride and honour to the institute. Suraj Mishra from IMT, Hyderabad said: "Started with discussing what wasn't possible, ended up doing the impossible. Thank you, team Impelz 7.0, for this amazing opportunity for us to push beyond our comfort zone".


IMT Hyderabad's cultural club- Antragna conducted the dance competition, Mudra. The top 3 teams to make it to the final round held on the Day 2 of Impelz-7.0 were from Christ University, IIT Kharagpur and College of Vocational Studies (CVS). The participants from all the dance societies showed breath-taking and spectacular performances. The winning team was College of Vocational Studies. The judge for the event Ms Yashodhra Sabu said: "I loved the mix of styles the enthusiasm. It is an entirely different experience dancing at home without the energy of working with others. The vocabulary of dance styles was great, including all the different fantastic styles like garba, dandiya and hip hop."


"Be your own artist, and always be confident in what you're doing. If you're not going to be confident, you might as well not be doing it." – Aretha Franklin.

Sashastra- The music competition for instrumentalists organised by Dhwani, the music arm of Antragna, the Cultural Club of IMT Hyderabad tested the participants on their nimbleness with the different musical instruments. The event provided a platform to exhibit their artistry by showcasing their musical mettle. The winner-Suyash Khandelwal from IMT, Hyderabad said: "Impelz 7.0 was a fantastic 2-day event and especially being it on the online platform was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this lovely event."


"The theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it's so accidental. It's so much like life."

– Arthur Miller

Navrang, the dramatics society hosted their drama competition- Rangmanch, to bring the dance of human spirit alive through dramatics. It set the stage for theatrical performances by ushering into

the sacred arena of imagination and thought through inducing magic. A participating team from NMIMS, Hyderabad iterated– "Our experience at IMPELZ 7.0 was quite prolific. All the events were lined up in a very well-organised manner, and the overall process was very user friendly. The interaction with the organisers was delightful with all the queries quickly resolved."


Pahel, the CSR club of IMT, Hyderabad conducted Sanchay with participants from various institutions like KJ Somaiya, IMT, XLRI Jamshedpur, BITS Mesra. The event witnessed a case study round, where the students had to talk about the possible strategies to efficiently overcome the constraints in expansion, funding and hiring while striking a balance between socio-economic development and profitability of E-chaupals. One of the judges, Mr Rishabh Dubey: "Great to be with you all. Excellent ideas and collaborations. Appreciate the whole team of Impelz 7.0 for this great event."


Communication wing, the communication and literature club of IMT-Hyderabad held the League of Nations by putting forward their vision to help students showcase their communication skills in a business environment. League of Nations brought forth highly opinionated students presenting their articulation skills by expressing their views and justifying their stance. Anushka of Lady Shriram College, highlighted, "The unique approach of League of Nations, both in Round 1 and Round 2, was intellectually stimulating. It helped me hone my understanding and analysis skills, and I had a great time not only presenting my arguments but listening to the fellow presenters as well."


The closing ceremony witnessed Impelz faculty Coordinator and Student Activity Cell Chairperson Prof (Dr.) Rambalak Yadav who said: "You are going to miss these two days. But as all good things come to an end, Impelz 7.0 had to come to an end. It was a great learning experience for everyone, whether it is a participant, organiser, club, and committee; everyone emerged as a

winner. It was a first-time experience through this mode for everyone. I believe everybody is a winner here."

The results of the clubs and committees were announced, after that. Among the future business leaders with sound business ideas who turn them into reality, the SIMSREE Mumbai team proved their industry readiness to judges bagging the top-most position in Prarambh-The Entrepreneurship cell of IMT, Hyderabad. The Team Gargoyles from SIOM Nashik proved their mettle and emerged victorious in Episteme- the event organised by Opuskriya, the operations club. The winners of Chakravyuh, the event by Athena, was the Team Professional Pirates from SIIB, Pune, who proved their strategic finesse. The team with impeccable analytical skills that took home the title from Cogentix, the event by Insightix, was Team Pi from (VgSoM) IIT Kharagpur. Team Anushka of Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, clearly relayed a country's issues and churned out logically plausible solutions to solve them hence emerging on top in League of Nations, the event organised by Communication Wing. In Sanchay, event by Pahel, the CSR club, Team Hustler, BIM, Trichy became the winning team. The winners of the Tassavur event were The Hawthornes from IMT Hyderabad. Team Venture VultureX from Xavier School of Human Resource Management (XAHR), Bhubaneswar, showed their powerful people management skills and human resources management understanding by winning the event by Team Synergy, Lead-HR. The savvy marketers of tomorrow Team Tactful Tigress from MICA Ahmedabad won Mercatus Mantra event, Ad tract. The financials predictors of tomorrow who won Prakshepan by Team Finacea was Team Catalyst from IMT Ghaziabad. The Winners of Mudra which won with their enthralling dance performance was Team Zestrest from College of Vocational studies. The Winners of the dramatics event by Rangmanch showed how many different masks someone can wear voluntarily was the Team Tafri from SVKM NMIMS Hyderabad. Setting the stage on fire with their fashion statements was Team Psychedelics from IMT Hyderabad who won the fashion event, Amaya. Winning the singing competition, Alankaar, with their mesmerising performances was Pratishtha Karamchandani from IMT Hyderabad as runner-up and Sharmadh Prabhu from IIM Raipur as the winner.

Like all good things come to an end, the 2-day fiesta Impelz-7.0 came to an end as well. Impelz 7.0 was an experience like never before and left everyone looking forward to the next episode.

Hyderabad, January 11, 2021: IMT Hyderabad takes great pride in the success of its recently concluded annual management fest IMPELZ 7.0. The two-day fun fiesta organized by IMT Hyderabad on the 9th & 10th of January became a sensation. In its 7th year since inception, the event was held seamlessly in a digital mode with high enthusiasm and vigor. The event was facilitated by official partner Knowello, fintech partner Ticker by Finology, hospitality partner Shrigo hotels, snacking partner MomsKart, and 21 other event partners, who helped the organizing team accomplish the feat.

Day one encompassed the opening ceremony followed by a cascade of six events where teams from various colleges participated. The second and final day witnessed six events, the closing ceremony, and was eventually followed by a post-Impelz celebration for organizers and contestants. The two-day signature fest of competition, games, and emotions ended on January 10, 2021. The sheer diversity in terms of the events, be it cultural, theatre, literary, fine arts, quizzing, fashion, photography, etc., makes Impelz one of Hyderabad’s biggest annual management fest. The determination to win and the spirit of competition amongst participants made the event an exhilarating one. The participants, students, faculty, and management cheered on for all the events and enjoyed the show alike.

The clubs and committees organized a plethora of competitions and events which witnessed participation from renowned colleges all over India, including XLRI, TAPMI, NMIMS, to name a few. All the events were designed to impart immense knowledge in the diverse disciplines of management. It also rendered the participants a unique platform and exposure to showcase their talent and skills in real-world scenarios. The winners of the events were rewarded with cash prizes, vouchers, certificates, and accolades.

The show ended on a grand note, where everybody danced and enjoyed the DJ Night, held immediately after the high-energy Fashion show in the evening. Participants from colleges all over India remarked on the top quality of the fest and called it one of the best-organized fests in the country today. The event’s success is attributed to the hard work and perseverance of the organizing team of Impelz along with the faculty coordinator and Chairperson, Student Activity Cell, Prof (Dr.) Rambalak Yadav. As much as the DJ Night pumped up the energy to conclude Impelz 7.0 on a high note, the organizing committee and students felt nostalgic as they bid farewell to another spectacular event.

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