Impelz 6.0

Impelz 6.0 6-7 Dec'19

Institute of Management Technology – Hyderabad, celebrated the sixth edition of its Annual National Management Fest – Impelz 6.0 - on the 6th and 7th of December 2019. Like every year, this year too Impelz was organized with the objective of making management students showcase their talents in the management as well as cultural arena through a two-day mix of events, which comprised of fun, entertainment and professional growth.

Impelz 6.0 hosted a pool of twenty-four events, which witnessed participations from IIM-Kozhikode, NMIMS, IIT-Madras, KJSMR, SIBM, Prin.L.N. Welingkar, GIM Goa, KJSMR, IBS-Hyderabad and other colleges from all over the country.

Day 1 (6 Dec’19):

Impelz 6.0 was declared open by Professor Tulika Sharma and Professor Steven Raj, the faculty coordinators of Impelz 6.0, amidst a crowd elated with excitement. The ceremonial lamp was lit up by the Director of IMT Hyderabad, Professor M. Venkateshwarlu. "Keeping your knowledge to yourself and not utilizing it, is akin to wasting it", noted the Director as he welcomed participants to the two-day fiesta. The first day witnessed the various clubs of IMT hosting a wide pool of competitions across domains like Analytics, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Strategy, Culture, Social, Entrepreneurship, HR and Communications.

Pitch Up:

Entrepreneurship arises because of risk, perseverance, passion and commitment. This was enlightened in PITCH-UP organized by Prarambh, the entrepreneurship cell of IMT Hyderabad. Many colleges from all over India participated in it and the runners up trophy was grabbed by “Wemavricks-Welingkar, Mumbai” with the winning trophy being lifted by “Blisscare- GHRCE”.


If there's one skill which every budding manager hopes to acquire and if there's one skill which every recruiter looks for in a prospective employee, it's "analytical abilities". Insightix the analytics club of IMT Hyderabad hosted Cogentix- a competition wherein the participants were provided with a problem set and they were expected to come up with their analysis and solution for the given set. Team Numero Uno from TAPMI turned out to be the ultimate winners. The second prize was shared by Team Holmes from GIM and Team Pro Committee from SDIMD.


According to Philip Kotler, “Marketing management is the analysis, planning, implementation and control of programs designed to bring about desired exchanges with target markets for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives.” Mercatus Mantra the marketing club of IMT Hyderabad hosted Brandsylvania which had fun and exciting games for all the brand gurus out there. The participants were enthusiastic and energetic. “The hospitality team was very warm and welcoming, and I could associate the theoretical knowledge with the games that I played” said Arjun from the SIBM Bangalore team.


Everything and anything can be a canvas for an artist. With this in mind, the art club of IMT-H provided the participants from across the country a platform to showcase their creativity on the theme 'Zero Tolerance -for Sexual Harassment ' on their team member's faces which was their canvas today. The event was in line with the name, it was memorable and full of colours. "We loved the management of the team and the way the event was conducted.", were the words of Akanksha from SIBM.


Finance takes care of strategies and data as well which was signified in Prakshepan organized by Finacea- the finance club. Their main strategy included analysis and forecast. The winning team claimed that, “The event was interesting and helped us to signify our financial passion”. The runners up were from the home ground IMT-H. They said “These events enhance our financial skills furthermore.”


When managers have excellent communication skills, they can keep their team’s morale high and help to resolve conflicts in time before they go out of hand. To improve performance levels of employees, it is important for managers to hone their communication skills thus Commwing - the communication club of IMT Hyderabad conducted Rebuttal where the young and budding managers got a chance to excel in their communication and networking skills.

Corporate Roadies:

Corporate Roadies, the event of Synergy, the HR club of IMT Hyderabad, saw teams from across the country come and participate in a fun-packed event. The teams displayed immense teamwork and strategy over the course of the event. The team from Welingkar, Mumbai came out as the winner of the event and closely followed by the team from SIMS, Pune, who grabbed the second spot.

The Grand Colosseum:

Athena-the strategy club of IMT Hyderabad organized The Grand Colosseum- a fun event which left its participants spoilt for choice as it gave them the opportunity to choose from four different games. The games tested how well they could strategize on the go while at the same time entertaining them thoroughly. The participants could not stop raving about the event, "The games were really thoughtful and innovative" said one of the participants about the event which was a perfect blend of strategizing and having fun.

Joker’s Conviction:

“It's not about the hand you're dealt, it's about how you play your cards!”

Opuskriya, the Operations Club conducted Joker's Conviction an interesting card-based game that focused on the implementation of Lean Management principles through hands-on simulation. Participants were put to test on core managerial skills such as time-management and decision making over different stages in the ultimate fight to become the ace. The winning team from IMT Hyderabad attributed their success to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each other and working as a team to overcome the shortcomings.


What could be better than having fun and contributing to a cause at the same time! GAME-O-HOLIC was organized by PAHEL, the CSR Club to bring out the inner child in the participants. The game arena echoed with sounds of joy and cheer after witnessing the eagerness and delight of the participants as they played the dart game and toss-a-cause where the targets are symbolical to social causes. "This is a great initiative to spread awareness and educate people about the general issues prevalent in society", said Dr. M. Venkateshwarlu, Director of IMT Hyderabad.


Riveria, an event organized by Tassavur, the Creative club of IMT Hyderabad, brought out the artists within the students. The event gave an opportunity to the students to paint their imagination onto a sheet. Kunjal Garg from IBS Hyderabad was adjudged the winner of the event. She could not gather enough words to express her happiness and said that it was a huge motivation for her to take her talent forward as this was the first ever time she had ever participated in such competitions.


“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth, and it is yours for the taking"

This is what Mudra the dance competition organized by Antragna-the cultural club of IMT-H truly lives by. The stage was a sight to behold with various colleges like IBS Hyderabad and SIBM Hyderabad putting up awe inspiring and jaw dropping performances. The home team – Dhanak’s performance won the hearts of the audience as well as the judges with their heart-touching performance as they lifted the cup of victory.


The only thing better than singing is more singing. After the energetic dance performance came the melodies. The crowd hummed with the tunes and couldn't stop cheering for the teams. The event was mystical and encompassed group, duet and solo performances. The stage was graced by the participants from colleges such as IBS Hyderabad, IPE Hyderabad, SIBM and NMIMS Hyderabad. The end of the event saw IMT-H as the winners of group performance as well as duet and Lalit from IBS Hyderabad as the winner of the solo performance with his breathtakingly beautiful voice.


"Life is a fashion show and the world is your runway" - Marc Jacobs

Elegance, grace and style was the undertone of Amaya, the annual fashion competition organized by Antragna, the Cultural Club. Team Bhavans, IBS Hyderabad, SIBM Hyderabad and IMT-H engaged in intense competition when they walked the ramp with finesse as the audience witnessed the spectacle that the show was. IMT Hyderabad stole the show yet again and bagged the first place while IBS Hyderabad were declared runner’s up.

Rapper Rufus made everyone's evening even more special with his electrifying performance leaving every single spectator wanting for more. The night culminated with a mesmerizing special performance by the band Blue Pulse. The first day of Impelz 6.0 was an experience like no other and raised the expectations for the second day.

Day 2 (7 Dec’19):

The second and last day of Impelz 6.0 took the mad energy, which had been infused by the first day, to another level. The participants were even more enthusiastic, the events more exciting and campus brimming with double the zeal. The day had the same ring to it with the various clubs and committees of IMT Hyderabad hosting various fun-filled and exciting events that tested the participants on various parameters.


“How good can your picture be if your only source of light is nothing more than a tiny flicker?”

This is what Nazariya a unique photography contest organized by Tassavur-the creative house of IMT Hyderabad aimed to test. The judge for the contest Charan Pallati, an ace photographer himself, only had praises for the innovativeness of the contest and the contestants "It's easy to click pictures in the natural light, whereas extremely difficult to click good pictures in a room devoid of enough light. I feel it is a great platform for budding photographers". Soumya Alur from IMT Hyderabad turned out to be the winner.

Ad Tract:

The marketing club of IMT Hyderabad - Mercatus Mantra hosted Ad Tract where the participants were given cases to solve. The value of the case study method is that it simulates a real-life environment and helps to prepare the student for real-life business situations in their future careers. The ability to make quick decisions that are sound and good for the company is what employers are looking for. Participants of VESIT said they thanked IMT for giving them the opportunity and said that the case was fun and the same time very challenging it was their first experience in a management school and they were pleased with the event they also added that the judges were wonderful and their feedback would help them in their growth and development.

Corporatum Litigo:

Corporatum Litigo, the by the HR Club saw a friendly yet intensive competition among the participants from various college. "The event did justice to the name of the club, Synergy, by pulling off a well-organized and structured event", these were the words of Team Gone Girls from SIMS Pune. The competition saw judge Prof. Romania Mathew, share her insights about the event and its benefit in a student's life. The event saw a smooth win of SIMS Pune followed by BIM Trichy.

A Battle of Wits:

The Media Relations Committee of IMT-H hosted its event 'A battle of wits' which tested how well the participants could organize their thoughts and how creatively could they express their opinions. "The event made us push our creative limits while being a stress buster at the same time", this is what Atharva and Atique from VESIT who turned out to be the runners up had to say about the event. The first prize was claimed by Shalini and Yash from IMT Hyderabad.

Vyapar ka Panchnama:

Negotiation skills with the understanding of finance is what makes a finance manager. Finacea, the finance club of IMT Hyderabad, organized this event where they made sure that have these skills are attained before one proceeds in the Financial domain. “These events help us to develop and learn new skills” were the words of the participant who was winning in all the initial rounds but ended up losing in the last round.


Episteme, an event organized by Opuskriya, the Operations club of IMT Hyderabad. It tested students’ approach towards effective and efficient way to tackle business situations. Mr. G. Ranganath from Buildex Consulting, the judge for the event, said "The participants had a good command over the subject and gave effective approaches to problems". The competition was very close with the students from Welingkar coming out at the top and the team from IMT stood second.

War of Nations:

Resources are the most important element for any organization to be successful. An entrepreneur goes through a lot of rigorous process before dealing with resources which was seen in the breathtaking calculations by the teams taking part in War of Nations organized by Prarambh, the entrepreneurship cell. Welingkar College, Mumbai and IMT Hyderabad students and gave a tough competition, but the winners and the runners up were from IMT Hyderabad. “We had to make sure that our every move gives us accomplishment” was claimed by one of the members from the winning team.


PAHEL, the CSR club of IMT Hyderabad conducted Jagriti-A street play where the theatrical performance and presentation were performed in outdoor public spaces without a specific paying audience. Different business schools participated and showcased their talents and brought forward the evils which shackled our society. Thorough their acts they spoke about child and sexual abuses which are horrendous for society.

Lohith Kumar a versatile actor, mimicry artist and philanthropist appreciated the management of IMT Hyderabad and the idea of nukkad natak. He stated that the messages given by the participants were very clear and at the same time well executed. Events like these educate the mass and make them aware of the evils in the society.


Commwing - the communications club of IMT-H conducted Fuzzle to test the communication capabilities of the participants through a fun life-size jigsaw puzzle. The contestants had to rely on their articulation and understanding of their team mates to succeed. "Fuzzle was a very exciting and fun event that highlights that communication is key in any team. Effective communication is a very essential skill that enables solving complex problems more efficiently" said Abhiraj from IMT Hyderabad, runners up of the event.


"Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is."

This is exactly the opportunity that IMT Hyderabad's Media Relations Committee provided its participants with. The contestants needed to put in a photograph based on one of the various themes among abstract, motion, portrait or landscape. IMT-H grabbed all the glory by securing both first and second place.


Athena, the Strategy club of IMT Hyderabad, organized Chakravyuh to bring out strategies from students to position different products in the market. The students found the event to be a great value addition and believed they are going back more confident about making better strategies than ever. Mr. Sashi Polavarapu, business development head at Lexys Labs, who was also the judge for the event felt that "Such competitions will help students when they get into startups or even corporates for that matter". The strategies displayed by the students of IMT Hyderabad helped them win the competition and the students from NMIMS Hyderabad came out as the runners up of the event.

Testament of the Dead:

The best secrets are the most twisted. With this in mind, Insightix - the Analytics club, devised an interesting, yet an uphill challenge for the participants. The seven-round event to solve a creatively designed murder mystery, saw mass participation from various colleges. "It was a fun event which required great teamwork and trust. We enjoyed every single moment of the event." said Anish and Satwik from IMT Hyderabad, who claimed the first prize.


"Great Theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to." - Willem Dafoe

Emotions ran free and expressions flowed with ease during the dramatic performances of the teams at Rangmanch, the annual drama competition of Antragna, the Cultural Club of IMT Hyderabad. “It takes courage to perform when so many eyes are watching and evaluating you and you bring the character into reality and live the character. I definitely believe that the way you interact, the way you think and the way you change your thought processes in order to suit the scene and the context definitely helps in how you go about doing your day to day communication in the corporate.”, said Prof. Dr. Tulika Sharma who was one of the judges. Prof. Dr. Nitin Gupta who was a part of the very enthusiastic audience said “The performance of IMT-H was definitely a notch above, everything from the expression to the execution was very well designed that it stood out and we were glad that they won the first prize.”

Although the two-day fiesta came to a close, the excitement among the crowd was hardly subdued as they eagerly awaited the finale of Impelz 6.0, which was none other than the international festival 'Sunburn Campus'. The campus echoed and danced to the beats of the Progressive Brothers as they conducted an exceptional concert that had the audience raving. Impelz 6.0 was an experience like never before and left everyone definitely looking forward to the festival next year.

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