Empowering Future Workforce: Strategies for inclusive leadership

IMT Hyderabad

20 Jan 2024,

The HR Leadership Conclave 2024 was conducted at IMT Hyderabad. Synergy, the Human Resource Club of IMT Hyderabad, took the initiative of organising the conclave. This year's conclave theme was Empowering Future Workforce: Strategies for Inclusive Leadership. The event started with the Lightning of lamp by Mrs. Uma Rao Ganduri, Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Chakrapani , Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey, Prof. (Dr.) Romina Mathew, and Ms. Malvika Joshi. After that, Saraswati Vandana added a beautiful traditional and cultural touch to the conclave.

Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Chakrapani (Dean Academics) in a distinguished moment at the HR Leadership Conclave 2024, warmly welcomed Ms Uma Rao Ganduri, CHRO at Granules India Ltd. With insightful remarks, he underscored the ‘Intrinsic value of leadership in shaping the future of HR’.

Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey, Assistant Professor and HR Leadership Conclave Chair, IMT Hyderabad, discussed the conclave theme- Empowering Future Workforce. She outlined today's quickly changing workplace, HR professionals must prioritise inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment. Embracing inclusive leadership concepts is critical, going beyond diversity mandates to create an atmosphere in which every voice is respected, encouraging creativity, innovation, and organisational resilience for the future workforce.

Keynote Speaker—Ms. Uma Rao Ganduri, CHRO at Granules India Limited—talked about "Workforce Metamorphosis: The Big Shift." Ms Ganduri meticulously dissected the transformative elements steering the contemporary work arena, Her Thoughts on remote work underscored the importance of flexibility, technological advancements, and leveraging a global talent pool.

Ms Ganduri highlighted digital transformation, the hybrid work model, and globalization as key drivers, emphasizing the impact of remote work, gig economy growth, and the efficiency boost from automation and AI. She stressed the importance of future skills, diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially in women's workforce inclusion and work-life balance. The anticipated $455 billion Gig economy and a 17?GR were key takeaways. (Dr.) Venkata Chakrapani acknowledged her outstanding contributions to workforce dynamics and academic excellence by presenting her with a Momento. Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey concluded the First segment of this Conclave with impactful closing remarks. The event left attendees inspired to navigate the evolving work landscape.

Following a delightful coffee break, Prof. (Dr.) Romina Mathew, Area Chairperson HR at IMT Hyderabad, catalyzed an engaging fireside chat. Joined by esteemed guest Dr. Vipul Singh, HR Head Lloyd’s Banking Group. Mr. Vipul highlighted the pivotal role of inclusivity in driving economic growth. Mr. Vipul emphasized the intrinsic correlation between diversity and high performance, underscoring the crucial influence of Human Resources in shaping corporate culture. Addressing regional and diversity bias issues fervently, he passionately advocated for fairness and transparency in diversity practices while rejecting quota-based approaches. Guiding individuals on competence enhancement, Mr. Vipul urged them to challenge biases associated with wealth, gender, and caste. Concluding with success strategies, he emphasized the need for flexibility, agile thinking, and readiness for competition without biases. This segment Concluded with Presenting Memento to Mr Vipul by Prof. (Dr.) Romina Mathews.

The Third segment started with a vibrant panel discussion led by Ms. Pooja Khemka Executive Director, Head of India Finance & Corporate Operations. The engaging session explored diverse facets of inclusivity. Anjali Bhole Desai, Head of HR at Fourth Partner Energy, shared a powerful anecdote on combating gender bias during R&D hiring. The lively conversation, coordinated by Ms. Khemka, delved into creating inclusive workplaces and dismantling biases.

Ms Malveika Joshi, VP of Human Resources at F5 Networks Innovation Private Limited, outlined the company's dedication to a secure and inclusive workplace. Addressing unconscious bias, Ms. Joshi stressed inclusivity measures. She discussed the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as a tool for embracing changing opinions. In her succinct address, Ms. Joshi encapsulated the company's proactive approach to fostering a culture of acceptance and continuous improvement in a dynamic business environment.

Sandip Banerjee, Senior Director and Site Head at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories shed light on the pervasive humiliation and discrimination faced by transgender individuals. Mr. Banerjee addressed the pressing need for societal change, emphasizing the importance of embracing a gender-neutral infrastructure. He shared an inspiring story, highlighting the strength of the transgender community.

Mr. Dileep Kumar Khandelwal, Head of Talent Acquisition at Amar Raja Group, emphasized the organization's commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity. He highlighted the importance of moving beyond passive acknowledgement, urging active involvement in creating an environment that celebrates differences. Mr. Khandelwal stressed that for talent acquisition decisions initiated by top management, it is their collective responsibility to champion diversity through a top-down approach, thereby shaping an inclusive workplace culture that reflects the richness of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

The stage was open for the QNA Session with the distinguished panel. In which delegates and students asked questions about gender discrimination, maternity and paternity leaves, giving all genders a level playing field and pay parity.

To conclude the panel discussion Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey, and Prof. (Dr.) Romina Mathews presented Mementos to all panelists. In closing Remark Prof. (Dr.) Pavan Kumar Balivada, Assistant Professor and Chairperson, Admissions, IMT Hyderabad outlines how IMT Hyderabad has promoted diversity and inclusivity from Scholarships to female candidates to Economically weaker sections.

To Conclude the Event Synergy – The HR Club of IMT Hyderabad gave a vote of thanks to all the speakers, delegates, and participants. The event successfully concluded with healthy discussions and knowledgeable insights into Strategies for inclusive growth.

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