Heartfulness & Personal Leadership Lessons

Hyderabad, 9th March 2022: Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad conducted its fifth session of the 'Global Immersion Program' (GIP) on 9th March 2022. The session was delivered on 'Heartfulness and Personal Leadership lessons and transformative journey' by Ms.Vandana Naran and Ms.Mayra Báez. Ms. Vandana is a Heartfulness Practitioner and Trainer from South Africa who has practiced Heartfulness meditation for over ten years. Ms. Mayra Báez, an expert on digital communications from Columbia, has pursued a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the National University of Colombia and training from Google, the University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford. The event included a comprehensive introduction of the speakers narrated by Ms. Supraja Ramraj, a PGDM first-year student.

Ms. Vandana initiated with exchanging insights about the diverse culture of South Africa and the different languages spoken there. She emphasized the collaboration of art and creativity with cultural diversity and illustrated real-life examples describing her involvement and exploration around various facets of culture. Furthermore, she explained the importance of integration over the balance between personal, professional, and social life. Ms. Vandana mentioned that patience and discipline are the qualities that play an instrumental role in the transformational journey; being courageous to step out of the comfort zone and explore new things is of utmost importance as it helps individuals face challenges and adversities in life. She contemplated on the fact of being calm and compassionate while interacting with people over aggression. The speaker iterated about the fundamental principles of Heartfulness that help individuals transform into the best and most authentic version of themselves.

The session was taken forward by the second speaker Ms. Mayra Baez who spoke eloquently on the topic of 'The real journey happens within you.' She commenced by highlighting her childhood years in Columbia through the movie Encanto and emphasized the importance of traveling to various places within Columbia that had played a part in her becoming the woman she is now. Further, she showcased the positive side of her country through the natural diversity and essential personalities of Columbia and the negatives of having the longest-running internal war and political strife.

She then described the role of these factors in shaping up her growing year while also highlighting the importance of education in her life and her decision to pursue political science to help heal her country. The speaker took us through her life events, starting with the highs of traveling to Stanford, Rome, working for the refugees, meeting Vincent Cerf to the lows of experiencing anxiety, sleep disorder, and clinical depression. Finally, she affirmed that status, money, material experiences do not necessarily guarantee happiness, and life is an emotional roller coaster. Everyone needs stabilizing energy which she found in meditation. She enumerated the benefits of meditation in her life and how acceptance and self-awareness were the keys to happiness.

The session ended with a discussion among the students, the Professors, and the Guest Speakers, followed by a statement of gratitude to the speakers for an enriching session.

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