Global Immersion Programme

Hyderabad, 17 February 2021: Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad, conducted the seventh session of the Global Immersion Programme titled "American Culture."

The speaker of the session was Ms. Ingrid Specht, Assistant Public Affairs Officer in the US Consulate General in Hyderabad. She began the session by speaking about the newly elected government in the USA. She talked about the wealth of diversity in President Joe Biden's cabinet, which reflected the new President's positive attitude towards improving cohesiveness amongst the different race groups in the USA. Talking about the new administration brought the speaker to the US-India bilateral relationship, which involved the framework known by governments of the two countries as "Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership."

The speaker said the Indian diaspora in the USA contributed substantially to the US economy and is, perhaps- "the most affluent, educated and successful immigrant group" in America. She mentioned how "These Indians act as diplomats for both of our countries, India to the United States and the United States to India."

Ms. Ingrid Specht spoke about the USA's cultural transitions and how the Black community gradually improved its standing through reform and contributions to US society. Among the many notable points mentioned, the speaker said the many musical forms like Hip Hop, Jazz, and Blues Music, to name a few, that African Americans have been famous for pioneering and amalgamating in conventional western musical entertainment.

After the address, there was a question-and-answer session for the students to resolve their burning curiosity of Western culture and the India-USA partnership's potential to go from strength to strength. Like all GIP sessions, the seventh session broadened the understanding and worldview of students of IMT Hyderabad regarding the cultural and socio-political dynamics of the United States of America.

Hyderabad, 06 February 2021: The Institute of Management Technology (IMT) - Hyderabad conducted the fifth session of the Global Immersion Programme titled "The impact of Covid-19: The Global Pandemic". The session presented to the students of IMT Hyderabad ten speakers representing their nations. The speakers were from Youth 2.0, an international community.

All speakers spoke about their personal experiences and how they dealt with the situation in their respective nations. The speaker from India, Ms. Iccha Bhan, counselor and remedial educator for Glendale group of schools and another speaker, Dr. (Mrs.) Olga Konovalova, a designer with a Ph.D. in art science from Moscow, Russia, talked about coping with the stress caused as the pandemic situation gradually grew dire in their respective countries.

Another speaker from Eastern Europe, Ms. Marta, a Designer from Ukraine, spoke about facing the pandemic situation in Ukraine. Speakers Mrs. Nidhi Jawar, a Meditation trainer based in Bangkok, Thailand, at "Heartfulness," Ms. Vrushali Dhongre, a physician and researcher from Indonesia, and Mrs. Christina from Singapore talked about their tourism-dependent economies being impacted by the pandemic.

The seventh speaker was Mr. Andrew Sogoma, a teacher and photographer from Kenya. He spoke motivational words about dealing with the shocks of the pandemic. Speaking about the pandemic situation in the grassroots of the South American region, were speakers Ms. Mayra, a political scientist and communications consultant from Bogota, Columbia, and Mr. Juan Villacres an advertiser and personal transformation coach from Ecuador. Speaker Mr. Moses Gaither-Ganim, an M.Sc. pursuant and teaching assistant in Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, who represented the United States of America from the North American region, talked about inequality. He mentioned how the youth are change agents and that younger generations are at the forefront of bringing social change.

The fifth session enabled students of IMT Hyderabad to see the pandemic from a global perspective through the valuable insights of the speakers

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