Living and Working Across Cultures: Challenges and Opportunities- A cross-cultural and linguistic journey

Hyderabad, 21st February 2023: Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad, witnessed the second session of the Global Immersion Program (GIP) on 21st February 2023. Prof. Elizabeth Ascherl, Head of Intercultural Communication, ICN Business School, France, was the distinguished speaker for this session. She is a multifaceted expert in education and learning, with experience as a trainer, business developer, and team manager. This session focused on exposing students to the challenges and opportunities of living and working across various cultures. Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Gupta, Professor, IMT Hyderabad, enunciated the participants about global practices worldwide and warmly welcomed our guest speaker for the evening.

The speaker delivered the session on “Living and Working Across Cultures: Challenges and Opportunities- A cross-cultural and linguistic journey.” The discussion was intended to make the participants aware about cross-cultural communication, the perks of learning a new language while moving to a different country, and how it would help them in their personal and corporate lives. She also intended to familiarize the students with all the opportunities they would grasp if they desired to move abroad shortly.

She commenced her session by asking the participants about their plans to settle in another country. This was followed by asking the students about the countries they would like to move to. Our speaker shared a couple of country mapping tools wherein our participants got to analyze how our country differed from other countries based on eight different cultural variations. The countries were distinguished on various parameters like the essential communication, evaluation, leading, decision, trust factors, disagreeableness, scheduling, and persuasion.

Going ahead, she spoke about how even though we might speak the same language, the inferred meaning would differ for different cultures. She guided the students through various ways to learn new languages and, thus, be more accepting of different cultures and societies. Finally, she articulated the opportunities and advantages of learning a new language and living in a foreign country.

The session concluded with a very interactive question-and-answer session where Prof. Elizabeth Ascherl resolved students’ curiosity. It was followed by a vote of thanks for such an insightful session.

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