Expert session by Mr. Bernhard Schmaldienst

Hyderabad, August 23, 2023: The Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad, hosted an Expert session for the PGDM students featuring Mr. Bernhard Schmaldienst, Director Visibility Tribe at Transporeon Germany. The discussion focused on "Revolutionizing Logistics: The Platform Approach for Better, Safer, Faster, and Greener Operations."

Mr. Bernhard opened the session by expressing his excitement about his first visit to India and his hopes for continued collaboration. He outlined the main topic of the session, which aimed to explore the convergence of Logistics and Technology (digitalization) on a single platform, an area of his expertise. He introduced Transporeon, now a part of Trimble, a company valued at two billion Euros. Transporeon serves as a Trans-portation Management Platform that empowers various stakeholders in the logistics sector to efficiently man-age, monitor, and move freight.

Highlighting the challenges faced by the logistics industry in adapting to digital models and sustainability, Mr. Bernhard noted that nearly 10% of the Global Economy is linked to the Global Logistics Market. He underscored the fragmented nature of the logistics market, resulting in low resource utilization and significant working time wastage. Discussing sustainability, he emphasized the upcoming requirement for larger compa-nies to track emissions in logistics by 2024. Mr. Bernhard also explained the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, centered around People-Product-Profit, and discussed the vision of seamless emission management. He addressed students' queries by drawing relevant examples from Indian and European contexts.

Mr. Vasu Suram Reddy, Managing Director of Transporeon India, provided insights into Transporeon's role as a Transportation Management Platform that connects shippers and carriers. He highlighted the company's commitment to transparency and data visibility for its customers, enhancing the logistics process. The core principle of ARC, which stands for Automation, Real-time Insights, and Collaboration, was also emphasized.

Following the productive session, Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Chaturvedula C, Professor & Dean (Academics) at IMT Hyderabad, honored the speakers with a memento. The expert session left students with a valuable and en-riching learning experience.

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