Climate Parliament

Hyderabad, 21st October 2022: Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), on the completion of its 20 years, organized a unique youth event called “Climate Parliament” in association with the Institute of Management Technology – Hyderabad on 21st October 2022 where various colleges across the state came up for the participation by representing different countries. The event started with a welcome note from Dr. Shivkumar Nayak, a member of CSD. He welcomed all the students and then stated the evaluation criteria for judging the teams. After that, Dr. R. Srinivas, Executive Director, CSD, addressed the students by briefly telling them about himself and how this platform will help students learn the ability to negotiate. Then he quoted one actual incident when he was representing India at the UN and told students that people don’t always get what they want but try to strive in the middle. He concluded his speech by saying that no country is an enemy; we have to make our point and seek the help of other countries, and this is how the real-world works.

Three panellists judged the event: Dr. R. Srinivas, Prof. Dr. Steven Raj Padakandla, Associate Professor, IMT Hyderabad, and Prof. Dr. Vinay Kumar Kalakbandi, Associate Professor and PGP Chairperson, IMT Hyderabad. In the parliament, there were three developed nation representatives (Australia, Canada, and Germany), two developing nation representatives (India and China), two least developed countries (Bangladesh and Philippines), and two island nation representatives (Maldives and Cambodia). The event’s objective was “Net Zero Emission.” The representative of Australia started the discussion, followed by other countries. The whole presentation was based on what impacts the countries are facing due to carbon emissions, do the countries have enough resources and medium to achieve this goal, etc. After every presentation, there was a Q/A session where each country and media could ask questions to the presenting country.

After the presentation ended, the countries presented their final negotiations to the panel and voted if the other countries accepted their offers. The youth parliament concluded with team Australia winning the competition. They were followed by Bangladesh, who became the first runner-up, and Cambodia and Germany grabbed third place. The winners have been invited to Bangalore next year for the next round of the youth climate parliament.

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