Blood Donation Camp – ‘EHSAAS’

Hyderabad, 23rd October 2019: “If you are a blood donor, you are a saviour to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life.”

Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad conducted a blood donation camp – ‘EHSAAS’, which was organized by Pahel, the CSR Club in association with Red Cross Society, an organization which is a strong advocate and promoter of non-remunerative initiatives and conducts about 500 blood donation drives every day.

A single potential donor can save up to three lives. This depicts the significance of blood donation and its impact on human life. Blood donation is a social responsibility, and the institute encourages such initiatives to remind the students about their obligation towards society. As future managers, it is essential for them to inculcate these values that will help in their overall growth and development.

The drive was a success, with 87 units of blood being donated by students, faculty members, and other staff members. Dr. M Venkateshwarlu, Director of the institute, appreciated the initiative and encouraged the extension of the collaboration with Red Cross Society and other such organizations beyond blood donation.

“Compassion is not only innate, but it is also learned, and as educated individuals, it is important to show that compassion.” These were the words of Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey, a proud blood donor who has been associated with programs like these for the past five years as the Faculty Mentor of Pahel. Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Gupta, a regular blood donor, said - “We should contribute in every small way we can, blood donation is my way of giving back to the society.” Students also turned up in large numbers to be part of this noble cause. “It feels good, it makes me proud that I am a blood donor.” – said Jayshree Garodia, a first-time donor.

Ehsaas created a lasting impression on all the donors, leaving them feeling incredibly proud and satisfied that their small contribution could potentially save a life. Every small act of kindness is a great leap for humanity. With this motto, the institute looks forward to the next chapter and new avenues of service to the society.

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