LDP with Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd

Hyderabad, 9TH December 2022: IMT Hyderabad hosted Leadership Development and Personal Effectiveness Program with Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd for the first time at the campus. Prof. (Dr.) B. Pavan Kumar Balivada, Assistant Professor, IMT Hyderabad, commenced the program by welcoming all the leaders and participants from Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd attending the event.

Prof. (Dr.) Sarath Babu A, Chairperson of Executive Education, IMT Hyderabad, commemorated the guest of the evening, Mr. Ravindra Kumar V.J, Chief Executive, Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. He congratulated all the participants, asked about their experience of the sessions, mentioned the importance of learning to inspire people, and briefly introduced the guest.

The event proceeded with a speech by Mr. Ravindra Kumar VJ. He thanked IMT Hyderabad for this two-day training program on leadership for Aurobindo Realty. He elucidated how leaders always create a vision. Addressing his fellow real estate professionals, he gave some insights about the importance of communication skills in this profession and how individuals still lack them. He shared that people can become leaders by being team players, delegating authority, and empowering their subordinates, as one can’t do everything independently, and leaders need to build trust and empathy. He mentioned that people need to think big and not hesitate while making decisions; they need to take that step and have a far-sighted vision. To be an effective leader, he concluded, you must constantly learn new things, keep up with current events, and acquire new skill sets.

Mr. Goppisetti Srinivas Rao, Group Head, HR, alluded to the significance of time for leaders in his address. He praised the attendees and expressed his gratitude for their attendance. He also discussed about a few important leadership concepts they must learn about such as ‘Self Leadership’, ‘Leadership is action’ and narrated a story about his own experience. According to Mr. Srinivas, anyone can become a leader. Mr. Punit, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, in his address, stated that people who make a company’s vision their vision would be great leaders, and they need to be a part of the team, not an outsider. He also stated that it's wrong to think that leaders are born, and that leadership is a skill that can be acquired through training and knowledge.

Prof. (Dr.) B. Pavan Kumar Balivada congratulated them for taking steps for the future. He appreciated the guest for his valuable time and thoughts, proposed the vote of thanks, and formally concluded the event.

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