Alumni Reunion

Hyderabad, 30th January- The Alumni Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad conducted The Alumni Reunion on 28th January 2023. Alumni from all batches of IMT Hyderabad were invited to this event. The event began with an address by the Chairman of the Alumni Relations Committee, Prof. (Dr.) Sourabh Bhattacharya. In his speech, he talked about the importance of Alumni to the institution, the various channels of communication, and avenues for collaboration that the ARC offers. Additionally, he provided an overview of all events hosted by ARC over a year, including Breakfast Meets, Amphi Nights, Placement Prep Talks, Practitioner Sessions, and different social media efforts, including Alumni Achievers, Industry Stellar, and Alumni Insights.

The speech by Prof. (Dr.) K. Sriharsha Reddy, Director, IMT Hyderabad, was next. He urged the alumni to succeed professionally, recognize the institution's contribution to their achievements, and participate in the institute's different research efforts. The transition from a semester to a trimester schedule, receiving NBA accreditation, aspirations for worldwide accreditation, launching new programs and MoUs with other organizations were among the items he updated the alumni regarding the campus. He also mentioned the institute's various research initiatives, including the SCOPE study and research collaborations with organizations like NPCI and NABARD. Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Chakrapani C, Dean-Academics, IMT Hyderabad, Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Gupta and Prof. (Dr.) Nikhil Rastogi also expressed their gratitude towards the people who attended the event and looked forward to meeting them.

The event proceeded to activities planned by the Alumni Relations Committee. The activities included "Guess the Faculty," in which alumni were asked to identify the faculty member from a childhood photograph. Arrange the number and act it out, in which our faculties too participated, came next. An open mic session and a bonfire marked the event's conclusion, during which attendees shared their memories of the institution and displayed their artistic abilities by performing music and poetry.

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