Hyderabad, 27th & 28th January 2024: Institute of Management Technology (IMT) - Hyderabad was all geared up to host their annual event Ace Connect, where corporate takes the field.

The two-day sports event commenced with ceremonial lamp lightning by Prof. (Dr.) Sourabh Bhattacharya, Prof.(Dr.) Pushpesh Pant, Prof. (Dr.) Aariz Faizan Javed and Mr. Kartheek.

After the lightning of lamp, Prof. (Dr.) Sourabh Bhattacharya, Professor at IMT Hyderabad, welcomed corporates to the events and talked about the significance of these events. Prof. (Dr.) Aariz Faizan Javed, Assistant Professor at IMT Hyderabad wished good luck to participants. Prof.(Dr.) Pushpesh Pant, Assistant Professor at IMT Hyderabad praised the organizing committee for organizing the event well. The event began with the wisdom run by Team Ace Connect.


Chess, a game of strategy, intellect, and patience, is an intellectually engaging activity. Its intricate moves and deliberate decisions encourage strategic thinking, while the required focus builds discipline and aids in accomplishing personal goals. There were total 8 teams in chess. Team Infosys emerged as the winner.


Carrom requires elegance in ability and technique, with players depending on acute visual acuity and exact coordination to win. It requires strategic thinking, decisive decision-making, and constant attention among players. There were 14 teams for singles and 7 teams for doubles. Oracle dominated the tournament, sweeping the women’s singles and doubles titles, also claiming victory in the men’s doubles.


Table tennis is a multidimensional sport because it effortlessly combines mental and physical agility, offering a dynamic platform for fitness and strategic thinking. There were total of 4 teams. Techwave secured the win in the singles category while Isro won in the doubles category.


Cricket is a celebration of the game itself, not just a means of competitiveness. Events such as Ace Connect bring together cricket enthusiasts from different firms, giving participants from various companies a platform to showcase their skills and build a sense of community. The final match saw Infosys face off against Techwave, with Infosys ultimately securing the win.


More than just a game, basketball represents collaboration, resiliency, and personal talent. Its fast-paced style fosters not only physical fitness but also discipline, strategic thinking, and teamwork, making it a powerful catalyst for both individual and group development. The basketball tournament came to a thrilling close as Amazon and Infosys went head-to-head with Amazon emerging as the winner.


The importance of volleyball rests in its capacity to foster unity among participants. Beyond the court, the sport creates enduring ties via collaboration, communication, and shared enthusiasm that establish a feeling of community. After a closely contested tournament, Infosys secured the win over Oracle.

Capping off a day filled with exciting activities, the Ace Connect event concluded with a vibrant closing ceremony. Students from IMT’s cultural club – Antragna, namely Teams Dhwani and Dhanak, delivered a captivating performance that enthralled the audience. Prof. (Dr.) Pushpesh Pant and Prof. (Dr.) Aariz Faizan Javed then awarded the prizes to the winning teams. Prof. (Dr.) Pushpesh Pant expressed his gratitude to the Ace Connect team, staff, admin, and players for their collaborative spirit in making the event a resounding success. The corporate team walked away not only with trophies but also with memories that would be forever cherished.

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