Ace Connect

Hyderabad, 11th & 12th February 2023: The Institute of Management Technology (IMT) -Hyderabad, was buzzing with excitement as it geared up and hosted Ace Connect - where corporate takes the field. The two-day sports event commenced when Mr. Rahul Pramani, Lecturer at IMT Hyderabad, welcomed the participating corporations and highlighted the significance of this event.

The eighth edition of this grand event was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by our esteemed professors. Professor (Dr.) Sourabh Bhattacharya from IMT Hyderabad addressed the participants, expressing appreciation for their participation in the event. Professor (Dr.) Arun Kumar Biswal, the Assistant Professor and Area Chairperson- Operations at IMT Hyderabad, also praised the corporate participants for their involvement and acknowledged the sponsors’ support. He motivated the participants to give their best performance.


In volleyball, teamwork and strategy are closely intertwined, and the competing teams did not disappoint as they demonstrated their skills and determination to secure a win. The corporates put forward their A-game in volleyball. Spiking, blocking, jumping – these were not just words, but their emotions translated into action on the field as they found their way to the concluding matches of the game. A team from Infosys and High Radius reached the finals, and Team Infosys claimed victory.


Cricket games are not just about the outcome of winning or losing, but about the enjoyment of the game. This was evident on the cheerful and shining faces of the players. Ace Connect allowed cricket enthusiasts from different organizations to showcase their abilities. The event attracted participants from numerous companies. The final match between Infosys and HDFC was fascinating as both the teams gave each other a neck-to-neck competition, with Infosys emerging as the final winner.


Futsal is a thrilling and fast-paced form of small-sided football, with each team comprising five players, including a goalkeeper. This game emphasizes improvisation, creativity, and technical ability. IMT saw some great players exhibiting their talents and skills. Team High Radius won the finals against Salesforce.


Strategy, intelligence, and patience constitute this intellectually stimulating game that exercises the mind. Engaging in sports keeps one active and establishes a routine that helps one stay focused and achieve personal goals. The team from Infosys emerged as the winner.


Carrom is a game that requires a high level of skill and technique, as players must have strong visual perception and coordination to score and win. IMT Hyderabad strongly believes that the game promotes strategy, decision-making, and concentration and is not just a leisure activity. The team from SMIFS Ltd won the doubles tournament by defeating the team from Infosys, while Mrs. Jaya from SMIFS Ltd claimed the singles tournament.


Basketball is a sport that showcases stamina, endurance, and a never-give-up attitude, all of which were on display as Team Salesforce and Team IMT-H faced off in a thrilling and closely contested match. Ultimately, Team Salesforce emerged victorious and took the trophy home.

IMT Hyderabad upheld its tradition of hosting a magnificent closing ceremony. A series of performances by Team Dhwani, the music society of IMT-H, Team Dhanak, the dance society of IMT-H, and Team Navrang, the theatre society of IMT-H, provided a relaxing conclusion to the day. They lifted the spirits of the participants after a long, hot day on the field. The ceremony concluded with the distribution of prizes for the events by Professor (Dr.) Arun Kumar Biswal, and Professor (Dr.) Neethu Mohammed, the Assistant Professor at IMT Hyderabad, and the corporate teams went home with valuable prizes and memories to last a lifetime.

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