73rd Republic Day Celebrations

Hyderabad, 26th January 2022: Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad celebrated the 73rd Republic Day with great pride and prestige. The campus was embellished with tricolour adornments accentuating the patriotic feeling of every individual to the supreme. The day started with the unfurling of the National Flag by our honourable Director, Prof. (Dr.) K. Sriharsha Reddy, as students and staff assembled via online and offline mode. The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by an inspiring and insightful address by the Director.

The Director, in his address, mentioned India's journey from independence to the inception of our constitution. He emphasized the importance of governance in our lives. He further explained the ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) Framework, followed by all the corporates globally as they are trying to embed it in their day-to-day practice. To become socially responsible investors, companies are working towards complying with the mandatory ESG framework in the long term. He also highlighted the BRSR (Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting) framework mandated under SEBI for ESG compliance by the top 1000 companies in India. He enlightened the students to work to meet their own needs and create a sustainable environment for all. He iterated, "As a management student, your role is not limited to being a responsible leader creating an economic value, but also to contribute to the social and ecological value."

A scintillating yet soulful dance performance from Dhanak, the dance society of Antragna, the Cultural Club of IMT-Hyderabad, marked the beginning of the cultural event. They showcased the oneness of our country by dancing to songs in different languages representing India’s cultural diversity. Dhanak's performance charged up the entire atmosphere with much enthusiasm and zeal. This was followed by the musical tunes of Dhwani, the music society of Antragna. Their expressive and robust singing gave the audience a new vigour to connect to our motherland. The solemn occasion came to an end with a roleplay by Navrang - the Drama society of Antragna. The play was enacted on the theme of 'Importance and Awareness of Girl Education.' The play aimed to highlight the importance of education in a girl's life. It was accurately depicted when the girl who received higher education and encouragement brought

laurels to her family and herself. Team Navrang moved the audience with their exceptional acting skills and coordination.

The entire program, though conducted virtually, created a lively and exuberant ambience, with students and faculty joining the meet virtually. The online mode could not hamper the patriotic spirit of Republic Day.

The Republic Day event was organized by Antragna – The Cultural Club of IMT Hyderabad. The event was held in a covid controlled environment on campus, ensuring a balance between the safety of students thus, in a way showcasing the resilience of the Indian Republic. The organization of the event required considerable coordination to match the grandiosity of the event celebrating India becoming a Republic. The event witnessed the talent of our students and their caliber to arrange such an impressive event virtually.

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