Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss happenings, great minds discuss ideas.


And so did we – the people of Eloquence, the public speaking club of IMT Hyderabad. The ideas that made up this year’s “VERVE”, the flagship event of the club. The idea in itself represented a lot of feelings like enthusiasm, exuberance, and artistic, and on the top of it was the theme of the event – “Reverie”. I am so proud to say that the great minds of Eloquence did absolute justice with the idea as well as with the theme.


It was yet another colorful event in IMT Hyderabad wherein Eloquence organised 5 games, each involving the common idea of speaking, communicating and yet being unique in themselves.


First game was “Puchka and Puzzle”. Yes, it’s the same puchka that we all love to eat. But what about the puzzle?




So, the participants had to search for words from the grid of letters and on every correct word they would get a Puchka. Sounds fulfilling, no? And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – you also get a prize when you complete 7 words.


The second game was “Rumble and Roll”. Now we all know how tough it is to do a tongue twister already, but what fun it is if you had to walk on a plank with 2 heavy books in both your hands and then do a tongue twister.


Can you do that?


Next was “Word of Thrones” where a team of 2 played the game. One of the participants was blindfolded and told a word, who then had to search for letters from the pile just by touching them and the other one had to guess the word. Staying calm and patient was the key here.


The fourth event was “karaoke” but do you think anything at Verve would come without a catch? Absolutely not!


In order to win the prize the participant had to sing the entire song.. without having missed a single word from the lyrics. We gave an amazing stage to the participants to showcase their singing skills and win prizes for the same. Moupia of junior batch was the first person to take the challenge, and, as expected, won the prize and everyone’s hearts with her beautiful voice.


The last event and one of my personal favorites was “Pictionary”. One of the two participants was given the movie name, who then had to draw something related to it while his partner had to guess it. Now we all remember that scene from “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon plays this game and complicates it even more. Well, here some played like Penny while some played like Sheldon. I myself tried the game and turned out to be just another Sheldon at this.




The club surely left an impression on everyone with their very first event of the year. It taught us a variety of methods to think and to communicate and obviously win prizes. I am sure the members of the club would be happy that all their efforts finally paid off.

About the author,

    Aayush Sinha

Batch of 2018-20

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