The Dawn Of Artificial Intelligence And Metaverse

Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse have become the buzzwords of today's world. People around the globe are synchronous in their belief that the future of technology lies in the cradle of AI and the Metaverse. The name change of Facebook to Meta speaks volumes of the power of Metaverse as the next big technology.

What are these terms? Why are they becoming increasingly popular? And should they be used synonymously? Let's find out.

Artificial Intelligence is the integration of human intelligence with technology. It is the ability of a device or a robot to perform functions and react in a manner that would usually require human intervention. Metaverse, on the other hand, is a distant relative of Web3. It gives users the accessibility to an alternate world where they can perform almost all the activities akin to the real world. It is a decentralized, linked virtual world with an entirely functional economy where people are free to do anything they can do in the physical world. As a venture capitalist and writer Matthew Ball put it, "Metaverse is a real-time virtual place where people can socialize, transact, work, play and create."


  • Avatars – Creating our very own avatars in the virtual world is a fascinating act. People love to have the freedom to be anything they want. They can create avatars that are more like them or may create completely different personalities. Users have the feature functionality to change every minute detail of their avatar. AI is used here to scan the face of the user and create as realistic an avatar as is possible.
  • Digital Humans – Digital Humans are nothing but 3D chatbots who can have human-like behaviour, reactions and interactions in a virtual reality setting. They can also be referred to as Non-Playing Characters (NPCs). NPCs are game characters whose actions and replies are governed by an automated script or a set of rules.
  • Language Processing – AI can help translate, process and deliver results in any language. This means people from any corner of the world can access and communicate in the Metaverse. AI can translate any natural language, say English, for example. AI breaks it down and converts it into a machine-readable format, analyzes them, comes up with a response, converts it back into English and displays the result to the user.
  • Intuitive interfacing – Metaverse is all about immersive experiences. AI-enabled VR headsets help move users in the Metaverse. The sensors on this headset detect and predict muscle patterns to help move precisely in the Metaverse. Roaming in the Metaverse can become a barrier to people with disabilities as well as people who are not that technologically adept. AI for accessibility guarantees everyone's participation in the Metaverse irrespective of their background. This includes image recognition for visually impaired people, automatic translation, etc. AI also fuels voice-activated navigation. It allows interaction in the Metaverse without the use of hand controls. AI also helps in recreating a natural feeling of touch in virtual reality.

The ultimate goal of AI integration with Metaverse is to create unique digital experiences for each individual user in the Metaverse. There is a lot more that AI can do. It can create levels in gaming, specific to a player's dexterity, adjust learning paths based on student understanding, personalized sports plans depending on the user's health status, and so much more.

There also needs to be a firewall that protects minorities and children from the hazards of the digital world. As per an article by Forbes, efforts are already in place to create a more inclusive and safe experience for users. There should be a check on abusive content of any sort and Content relevance calculation. Web3 is said to be safer and more inclusive than Web2, where the power lies in the hands of the user. AI and the Metaverse together represent the horizon of the modern world. This will bring the globe closer than ever before and enhance reliability and user experience.

About the author,

    Ananya Nigam

PGDM student from the batch of 2023 talks about the role of AI in the Metaverse and its future.

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