Periodos 6.0 Day 2

With a new Sunday morning brimming with joy, IMT kick started the Day 2 of Periodos 6.0.


The students from various colleges participated in this event full of sportsmanship and pride. The semi-finals and finals were about to go down as the teams that have qualified were all set to fight for the ultimate glory. B-School life being hectic as it is, Periodos provided a quick get-away to all the participants with a much-needed break where they could let loose their fighting spirit and enjoy the art of relaxing in the rhythm of sports.

With Quarter finals, semi-finals and finals lined up as the various teams qualified for further rounds, Day 2 witnessed a renewed vigor among the finalists.
A batsman’s strike against a bowler’s ball, with a team of fielders supporting along, cricket is a game of team spirit and coordination. We congratulate IBS Pune who won against SIBM-Hyderabad. 
With incessant baskets, dribbles and team work, IBS Hyderabad men’s team achieved the victory in basketball against SIBM-Hyderabad.
A game of intuition, imagination and improvisation, volleyball winners were NICMAR won the game comprehensively. Chess, a game of intellectuals, saw finalists go full throttle, till the host college decided to end the game with one swift move. Heartiest congratulations to IMT Hyderabad for winning this game.

“Perseverance, hard work, dedication, respect and that’s a goal!”


The Football final saw the game go down to the wire. A nail biting finish was on the cards when no team could score in the stipulated time. Thus, it all came down to penalty shoot-outs. IMT Hyderabad kept their nerves against IBS Hyderabad and with some stellar shots and gutsy goal saves, they brought the trophy home.

Ultimately, Periodos 2018 was a huge success with top B-Schools from all over India coming together on campus to delve into the spirit of sportsmanship. Towards the end of the day, the closing ceremony started with director’s address where Mr. Satish Ailawadi congratulated the whole IMT team and the participants who added stars to this event with their collective efforts. The winning teams were presented with certificates and trophies and were acknowledged for their success. The teams were also appreciated for their active participation. Antragna- the cultural club of IMT Hyderabad organized the closing ceremony. Team Dhanak’s enthralling dance performance added more energy to the show. Team Dhwani’s soulful voices echoed in the amphi-theatre and engaged the audience with some chartbuster music. Not to forget the amazing short comical drama by Team Navrang that induced an unending laughing spree among the audience.

Isn’t it so true that all’s well that ends well?

And with much troth, glory and pride we wrapped up Periodos 6.0, with a promise of a bigger and even better event come next year.

About the author,

    Janvhi Kewalramani

Batch of 2018-20

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