Periodos 6.0 Day 1

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing..”


Similar thoughts triggered in the minds of all the participants who visited our campus on 17th November for Periodos-2018, IMT’s flagship sports event– from colleges across various parts of  India.


Periodos 6.0 commenced with the lighting of lamp, followed by a marvelous speech  by the Director, Dr. Satish Ailawadi and the faculty in charge of the event, Prof. Saurabh Bhattacharya.
Day 1 of Periodos 6.0  started with a pool of excitement in the campus. The games were enthralling and competitive, yet a great sense of sportsmanship was shown by all the players. The day 1 was lined up with 42 matches enough to engage the crowd for an encapsulating day.


Day 1 of Periodos kicked off with a cricket match between IBS Bangalore and VJIM Hyderabad, the match was won by IBS Bangalore. IMT Hyderabad, IBS Pune, NICMAR Hyderabad were also victorious in the day 1 line up of cricket.
IMT Hyderabad won the football match and defeated NMIMS Hyderabad in their first football match by 3-0. Also IMT Hyderabad along with IBS Hyderabad qualified for finals which will go down on day 2.


“I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists. – Marcel Duchamp”




Chess is all about mind games, a game of how you outsmart your opponent.


IMT Hyderabad Vs NMIMS Hyderabad | Victory for us.  Although the game moved in silence initially, the level of excitement picked up all of a sudden when someone uttered the word “CheckMate”. Both the teams won their matches and qualified to reach the finals, to be played on Day 2 of the event.


The Throwball matches were intense and IMT girl gang played them with confidence and vigour. IBS Hyderabad and IMT Hyderabad both came out victorious against SIBM Hyderabad and reached the finals.


While covering the event I came across Sarika, IBS Hyderabad who quoted – “I believe in being a team player than a captain. It is the team effort and support that makes the team win, for in a team it’s always ‘we’ and not ‘me’.”


While on the  other hand, players from VJIM, SIBM and NMIMS gave a tough competition to the hosts, in the table tennis tournament. IMT Hyderabad and NMIMS Hyderabad came out victorious on day 1 and both will face off each other in finals on day 2.
The players were also ecstatic about the hospitality offered by IMT Hyderabad and one of the team member of NMIMS said.


IMT Hyderabad is anytime the most welcoming college in Hyderabad. This year the buddies have been the most helpful feature.” – Sachin and Gaurav from NMIMS Hyderabad.




While, in male Basketball, IBS Hyderabad continued their winning run and defeated IMT Hyderabad by 76-30 and NICMAR by 83-21 on day 1. Dhruv Datta from IBS Hyderabad became the most valuable player for male basketball match. Apart from this, we also organised an all-girls cricket tournament infused with new rules and uniqueness called Box Cricket. NMIMS, SIBM, IBS Hyderabad and IMT Hyderabad are mainly the participants for this event.




IMT Hyderabad won against NMIMS Hyderabad, however lost to IBS Hyderabad in finals by 2 runs on Day 1.
Volleyball also witnessed another level of enthusiasm from the players as well as from the crowd this time. IBS Hyderabad lost to NICMAR but won against IMT Hyderabad on day 1. IBS Bangalore defeated NICMAR Hyderabad and IMT Hyderabad came out to be victorious against SIBM Hyderabad.


It was a day which nobody wanted to miss and no matter how late someone slept or how many assignments are pending, they were there to chant, roar and cheer for their teams.


The time and efforts of all the members of the OC team and Volunteers was immense and pulled off an amazing day which concluded with a bonfire for the guests to relax and move to day 2 with “TROTH PRIDE AND GLORY”.
Let’s see what Day 2 has in the box for us. Don’t forget to read the next half of the story on our Day-2 blog of Periodos 6.0 .

About the author,

    Aayush Sinha

Batch of 2018-20

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