Pandoras Box The Night Of Experiences

First recorded in 1570, this word’s modern meaning stands, “a source of extensive but unforeseen challenging problems”. Though in classical mythology, Pandora’s “curiosity got the better of her, and she opened the box and all the evils and miseries of the world flew out to afflict mankind”, team Synergy made sure that in our event the troubles faced by the teams is rewarded equally well and hence the night wasn’t  as distressful as it might have been for Pandora’s people.


Talking of challenges, this was one night which surely was one of experience and learning. Not classroom learning, hell no! This was more of a test based learning, a test of one’s perseverance, the presence of mind, stamina, team coordination, speed, accuracy- a combination of all.


The evening began with Round 1: “Tarred & Feathered” in which teams were pitched against each other in a human board game of Snakes and Ladders. Our twist? The pawns were human figures (our friends), and besides the usual ladders and snakes, team Synergy had allotted certain tasks to certain numbers on the board. Team members could move forward only on having successfully completed the tasks.



Sounds interesting so far? Things got more intense in the next round: “Beg, Borrow, Build” in which seven teams who cleared the first round, now battled against each other in a puzzle-solving spree. Each team was given a puzzle to solve and the team to complete first was awarded the stature of being the ultimate champion which in this case was the team of Shantanu Panda, Awani Panwar and Mangal Pandey from the class of 2019. In for the next position in this nail-biting, time-chasing one heck of a contest was the team of Saket Ladha, Satyam Sushil and Manvendra Singh, class of 2019 and the team of Sourav Sonthalia, Sarad Sonthalia and Pravesh Chalishgaonkar again from the class of 2019 stood third.

As a member of Team Synergy, I saw the days of our labour finally paying off and there isn’t an expression for the kind of joy each of us felt after the successful completion of the event!

About the author,

    Shreya Banerjee

Class of 2019

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