Open Mic An Ode To The Winter Night

To a day full of warmth,

To an evening full of smiles,

To a team that pulled it off,

To the people who joined,

It was a wonderful time when you shared and I heard it all with a smile.

It was yet another day to my memory book,  when we all sang and made the event worth while.

On December 6, 2018, Eloquence organised Open Mic 7.0, with the theme “An ode to the winter night”,  where we all IMTians gathered together to vent it all out.  The life of a B-School where’s all too much sometimes,  we have got Open Mic evenings to our rescue that helps us unroll.  Entwined in words and stories,  the rhythm of the music helped us say goodbye to all the stress and blues.

Many students joined and shared their stories of childhood and some about the love for words too. There was no room for judgement in an event that we are sure is rooted to our hearts.  To a very pure venting out place,  where we were all cozy in the beats and outside, we were hugged by the cold breeze. Baring out our souls in form of poetry, shaayari, songs and what not,  Open Mic was open for all. It made way for all the loquacious selves backed up by the peppy talks and some music.


It was an evening where people spread out joys,  some supporting their friends,  some overcoming  their fears,  some rejoicing the moments and some taking a moment to gear.  It was all about web of stories that we all shared,  it was a time when we got engaged to phrases and lines. To yet another event that make us look forward to something amazing this life has to offer,  to make our mundanes even better.

Kudos to the Team Eloquence for spreading out warmth on this winter night.

About the author,

    Janvhi Kewalramani

Batch of 2018-20

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