Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations 2019

As we all know Janmashtami or Krishna Janmashtami is believed to be the day when Lord Krishna was born. It is celebrated on the 8th day of the dark fortnight, in the month of Bhadrapada of the Hindu calendar.

The Legend Of Janmashtami

Lord Krishna is said to be the most powerful incarnation of Lord Vishnu who came to earth to end the rule of injustice and adharma . In North India, breaking of the Dahi Handi is very popular.

 People celebrate Janmashtami during mid-night as Lord Krishna was born in the dark. Moreover, people have a special way of celebrating the festival by playing the sport- Dahi Handi.

Being a day of celebration, it is the perfect time to send good wishes to your loved ones. Grand celebrations take place in Mathura and Vrindavan. Children go out dressed as "little Krishnas". An elaborate Puja is also done in temples and households to Lord Krishna late in the evening.

Celebrations In The Campus

Despite being a North Indian, I’ve never witnessed the Dahi Handi sport. Surprising, right?  Back at home, we used to fast and perform various rituals, and break the fast with a flavoursome meal! Wow, I’m homesick now.

But college is also a home away from home. This was the first time I saw the Dahi Handi sport here. To be honest, it was an amazing experience!


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There was this competition between the senior batch and the junior batch followed by a tug of war. Being a junior I obviously cheered for the juniors! As just a spectator, far away from the fun and fighting, I really enjoyed it. The celebrations ended with a fast and a Puja.


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It is true when many say that the same festivals give you different experiences in different places and the Janmasthtami celebrations this year held by Antragna, the culture club of my college, is a testament to this fact.

About the author,

    Anushka Rawat

Pareidolia Blogger, Class of 2019-21

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