Impelz 5.0 Day 2

With the legacy of prestige, glory and magnificence, fabricated with hard work and professionalism, the day 1 of Impelz 2018 saw a plentitude of events unroll flair, creativity and vogue that was way beyond eminence. The day was a display of conviviality, innovation, ebullience, innovation, and comprehension. From Music, Arts, Dance to Marketing, Operations, Finance, Strategy and more, the fun and novelty was astonishing. The entire team was all prepared for Day 2 to offer another fun-filled productive day with stirring events. The last day of Impelz turned out to be the pinnacle of the fest and took the repute and elation and to a whole new level.

Highlights of Day 2


Mercatus, the marketing club of IMT Hyderabad conducted its major event ‘Adtract’, a platform to display the perceptive in marketing. It was a two-round enthralling competition where participants presented a holistic IMC solution for Highway Delite App.

Winners: WE School, Mumbai

Runners-Up: SIMC, Pune

Vyapar Ka Punchnama

Finacea, the finance club of IMT Hyderabad hosted their minor event ‘Vyapar Ka Punchnama’. The event required a set of traits and skills to bargain and negotiate, and trade commodities based on real -life scenarios. 

Winners: IMT Hyderabad

Corporate Litigo

The second round of Lead HR by Synergy, the HR Club of IMT Hyderabad was ‘Corporate Litigo’. It was an event that made participants bid for the best employee from the rest. The decision was taken based on the analysis of the ‘Big Five Personality Traits’.

Winners: Prin Welingkar Mumbai

Runners-Up: SIBM Hyderabad


Tassavur, the Creative House of IMT Hyderabad conducted ‘Nazariya’, a one-of-a-kind photography competition where participants use the power of darkness and different props to capture their imaginative perception in the form of a picture.

Winner: Anil Tanwar

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Suite Speculation

Prarambh, the E-Cell of IMT Hyderabad organized its major event ‘Suite Speculation’. It was an amazing opportunity for participants to learn the art of bidding and use the power of calculations to build a virtual hotel with amenities of their own choice, with a budget of 100 crores INR.

Winners: Team Blue Club

Runners-Up: Team Solitaire



It was an online photography competition organized by the Media Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad. With enrapturing captures from premier colleges like IIM Calcutta, SIMC Pune, and BHU, this event surely was a successful affair.

Winner: Moupia Bhowmick (IMT Hyderabad)

Runner-Up: Vishaka Sonawane ( SIMC Pune)


“Drama lies in the extreme exaggeration of the feelings”

Antragna, the Cultural Club provided a podium for the display of creativity and highlighting the burning issues of the society with the subtle art of acting. The participants wooed the crowd with alluring expressions and classical acting skills.

Winners: IMT Hyderabad

Runners-Up: IBS Hyderabad



“Music blends differences. It has the power to break barriers, a power that controls human emotions”.

‘Alankaar’ was the singing competition hosted by Antragna, the Cultural Club. The event saw the power of music bring together captivating voices from different colleges and perform with great fervor.

Winners: Solo- SIBM Hyderabad

Duet- IMT Hyderabad

Group- IMT Hyderabad

Threeory Band

Threeory, a Progressive Rock Fusion Band and winner of the ‘Best Live Act’ award at the India Nightlife Convention and Awards performed at Impelz 5.0. The Band left everyone spellbound by the electrifying performance and their exemplary blend of Indian Classical and Western music.

rk 5 

Impelz 5.0 ended with a breathtaking DJ night hosted by Deejay Dyk. The high voltage music was connecting with the spirited souls of the youth and crazy dance moves were the apex of the impassioned night. The DJ made everyone groove to his tunes and exhilarated the place in such a way that the end seemed to be befitting.

The following testimonials are proof of the success of Impelz 5.0:

“We always look forward to Impelz, to visit IMT Hyderabad. The event never disappoints. Everything here is so lively and goes very smoothly. We appreciate the management team for building such a great event.” – SIBM Hyderabad

“We’ve liked the idea of three events which was very unique and will try to imprint them in our management fest. The experience was tremendous and the hard work is reflected. Great work!” – SIMC Pune

“IMT Hyderabad students have always been the perfect hosts for events and the college provides enriching experiences with more managerial events being added every year. It grows grand every year.”- NMIMS Hyderabad

The two days of absolute teamwork and coordination framed a spectacle that was the perfect blend of culture, artistry, and knowledge. With overwhelming fun and the ultimate abode of festivity, Impelz 5.0 came to an amazing end.  Creative display of strategic, analytical and operational ideas left the audience impressed and inspired. The fervent wind of Impelz, blowing over the lush green campus left with a promise to return next year with more intensity and take everything with the storm of vision, grandeur, and zeal.

Special gratitude to all the sponsors who made sure that money was never an obstacle in the conduct of the event. Team Impelz also ensured that the deliverables lived up to the expectations of the sponsors. The management, organizing committee, and all the student volunteers made sure that everyone made everlasting memories during the mega event.

About the author,

    Mohit Sharma

Batch of 2018-20

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