Impelz 5.0 Day 1

Working up for competitions, singing songs to the rhythms, grooving to the beats, running around for errands; we IMTians felt it in the air that it was that time of the year, where the world sleeps and we work as a team.  On December 21 and 22, 2019, Impels 5.0, the annual management fest of IMT Hyderabad was held, that left us all awe-struck.
With zeal and pride, we were all excited for the competitions and fun that the day had for us.

Starting off the day with an opening ceremony and lighting of the lamp, our mentors Ms. Tulika Sharma and Mr. Steven Raj inaugurated the event on a very positive note. The opening ceremony welcomed various colleges from all over India that participated in the most amazing event of IMT-H.

The student-driven college as IMT has witnessed a variety of activities and competitions organized by various clubs and committees. From arts to analytics, we made sure the event was versatile and open for all kind.

Pitch up, the major event of the E cell, Prarambh was organized to analyze the entrepreneurship skill set of the participants. VIT Chennai had the pleasure of the first prize, NMIMS Hyderabad as the runner up.


When the whole campus sought the attention of the very talented street-players who performed Nukkad Natak on various social issues, we all felt the need to change in the society somewhere.  Thanks to the Team Pahel- The CSR Club of IMT that organized this competition named Jagriti…and congratulations NMIMS Hyderabad for their stupendous performance, and for standing out as the best amongst all.

While the outdoors was beaming with high-spirited participants, the indoors witnessed a yet another new kind of experience.

Finacea- The finance club of IMT Hyderabad organized Prakshepan, that made participants juggle their heads over money and it’s the best utilization. With much brainstorming and the data given, the participants with the data given, provided with the best-evaluated ideas. Kudos to IBS Hyderabad for taking the first position, and NMIMS Hyderabad for being the second.

On the list, next was the Corporate Roadies organized by Team Synergy- The HR Club which divided this event into two levels.  Level 1 being the corporate roadies for day 1 and Level 2, Lead HR for day 2. The competition focused on the concept of team-spirit comprising of various activities.

From Classrooms to the auditorium to the amphitheater, the campus was filled with free-spirited participants, from various colleges with a competitive mood. The campus was brimming with smiles and enthusiasm.

Parallelly, Rebuttal, the debating event was creating its own hype among the participants. Organized by MacVon, the Communication Club in collaboration with Eloquence, the Public Speaking Club aimed at enhancing the managerial skills through the medium of public speaking.  The witty comebacks helped NMIMS Hyderabad to win the finals.

Some fun-brainy competition was on the list when Joker’s Conviction had the wits to persist. The challenge was to become the ace, by playing in the situation that could leave you ablaze. Implementing the concept of lean management, Opuskriya – The Operations Club of IMT-H had a successful event.
To pep up the much gala event as it was, Athena- The Strategy Club organized Ace the Maze attracted the crowd with decoding to refresh the audience.

Hosted by Insightix, Cogentix, an analytics event was a troubleshooter event that brought a pool of intelligent together to compete. IIM Nagpur took the credits of being the player here with their astounding work of research and solution, followed by SCMHRD Pune.

Complementing the aura of the Impelz was Brandathon organized by the marketing club of IMT-H. A crowd-pulling event that captivated everyone present on campus. From professors to visitors, to students, it was open for all to play the variety of games, that judged your knowledge about the brands and their marketing.

Adding colors to the much glorious decorations was Face Off, an event organized by Tassavur, the creative house of IMT-H. “Mystical creatures” being the theme, the participants painted the faces of their fellow-teammates to depict a meaningful and mesmerizing story.

The Media Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad introduced Wits & Wordswhich integrated the idea of both creative and technical writing, making it a blend of elements that complemented the huge participation.

And we know that it’s all not over without a lil’ hip-hop and jazz.

Handing over the mic to the College band- The Paradigm Shift for the blissful night. Lost in the melody and beats, the audience adored the mix of tracks sung. To a mix of tracks chosen by the band, the essence of the music bonded the crowd together with some bass.

Mudra- the annual dance competition held by Antragna, the cultural club at IMT, welcomed dancers from various college for this one raging event. To open themes and twirling feet, the audience enjoyed several performances for the night.
Hooting and cheering is a part of cultural nights, and we IMTians echoed enthusiasm till the setting of a moonlit night. With much art in the divine, Antragna also organized Amaya, the fashion show that left the audience star-struck in the rhythmic vibe. Walking proud with a passion for fashion, the participants gained the attention for their beauty and the crowd was blown away with an awesome performance. IMT Hyderabad, the winners of this grand show won the hearts of all.


Marking a marvelous day in the journal of IMT Hyderabad, we came towards the end of Day 1 of Impelz5.0. The excitement level doesn’t wear off here as there’s yet another eminent day tomorrow. There’s yet another day of exuberance and ecstasy awaiting. Let’s see what day 2 have in the box for us.

Background: (Lights off, Curtains closing)

Signing off.

Day 1, Impelz 2k18.

About the author,

    Janvhi Kewalramani

Batch of 2018-20

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