Impelz 4.0 Day 1

When you think of a Fest, depending upon how much you know about the events that take place, you might be aware of the enormous amount of work that goes into making the fest possible.
You might be aware of the endless hours that are invested in ideating and planning, the massive production expenses involved in the implementation, and if you’ve had the chance of being the showman even once, you might even appreciate the tiny, seemingly insignificant details that one must consider when creating an event.

With such enthusiasm and hard work, IMT hyderabad hosted its fourth annual cultural event- Impelz.

It was a Friday morning like none other. The whole environment in the campus reverberated chills, thrills, excitement at the Impelz. The stage was set, clubs were ready for their minor and major events, the whole of IMT alive and kicking to put in their hard work and come up with a power packed day.

The opening ceremony kick started to bring out the heat and the energy endogenous to IMTIANS.
It was followed by an ovation worthy speech by the director who then lit the auspicious lamp to embark the spirit of being fair in and out of the competitive ambience.

It was indeed an exhilarating day with numerous events organised by different clubs with participation from an array of colleges. It was a challenge to the students to rack their brains for something not related to studies but fun! The entire day was nothing short of a roller coaster ride, here in IMT hyderabad.


Finacea: Prakshepan organized by Finacea, tested the financial acumen and presence of mind of its participants. The winners were SIBM bangalore and our very own college came second.

Insightix : The main event by Insightix the analytics club of IMT Hyderabad, started with an overwhelming participation. The shortlisted candidates thereafter presented their working and a plan in accordance to the real-life data and came up with a solution to show the profound knowledge one has in the respective field. SCMHRD, pune bagged the first prize where as the Wellingker, Mumbai became the runner up.

E-cell Pitch Up: The event hosted by the entrepreneurship club of IMT Hyderabad attracted Budding entrepreneurs who came together to pitch in new ideas for a business to convince prospective investors. IMT Hyderabad proved themselves to be the best amongst all while SIBM pune became the runners up.


Pahel however hosted their event, Jagriti, which pulled out the major crowd. The club allowed Nukkad Natak on various themes performed by different participating colleges. IBS Hyderabad won the event and IMT hyderabad and NMIMS Hyderabad stood neck to neck as they bagged the second prize.


MacVon and Eloquence: Toastmasters came together to host a madness of intellectual arguments. They organised an event named Rebuttal, aimed at exercising the debating and public speaking skills of the participants. The competition was two-fold with the first round, speech craft, as an extempore round and the second & final round in the form of a debate termed ‘the rebuttal’.
NMIMS Hyderabad emerged winners where as IMT Hyderabad were declared runners up for this event.


After the exhausting and fun-filled events, it was time for the participants and the hosts to sit back and enjoy their brilliant performance in the events.
Mudra, the dance event, akin to last year, gathered a great audience around the amphitheater.
The audience was full of adrenaline with people cheering and roaring for their respective teams and the grooving over the steps, the music and the competitiveness.
With brilliant amount of Coordination IBS Hyderabad won the event and the team 10.0 and Sumit & Nikita stood second.


A band performance with our very own Richa Khurana and Karan Kumar Gupta as vocalists rocked the stage.


If you think the day ends here, one of the major events of the fest followed and owned the night.
Who doesn’t like fashion and with fashion comes the great Ramp walk. Amaya, the major event of the club Antrangana, kept its pace to provide students with great amount of enjoyment. IMT HYDERABAD performed on the theme of love, lust and power and gathered the major cheering of the crowd. The other two participating teams were SIBM and IBS.


It was indeed a pleasure to watch the participants owning the stage in their varied themed costumes. SIBM and IBS Hyderabad bagged the first prize and IMT hyderabad stood second.
After all the scrambling and to-do lists, we can finally call it, a day to remember! The volunteers can now take a deep breath for their efforts have been paid off and pull up their socks for Day 2.

About the author,

    Ashish Parakh

Batch of 2017-2019

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