Impelz 4.0 Continues Day 2

Remember the last time we met? Well we are back with a summary of Day 2 and unfortunately the last day of Impelz 4.0

The dawn greeted the 30 acres campus with the aftermath of yesterday’s late night bonfire. But IMT Hyderabad didn’t leave a single opportunity to amaze people. Day-2 started right where day-1 had left off.

Club members and visiting colleges were back with a renewed vigour as was the Impelz team, with another bunch of exciting events. The events started at around 10 am and continued breathlessly till 7 pm.

As of now you must be wondering about the event details! So here it goes—

Adtract by Mercatus Mantra: Major event of the Marketing Club of IMT Hyderabad.


The competition dealt with the solution of a case-let provided to the participants in advance.

The most interesting thing about this event was the unabashed display of creativity and innovation by the participants. The team that came up with the most appropriate and creative solution to the case using Integrated Marketing Communication stood tall at the end.

Winner: Insightminers, MICA

Runners-up: Zyxt, SIMC – Pune


Vyapar Ka punchnama by Finacea : Minor event of the Finance Club of IMT Hyderabad

The finance guys came up with yet another mind-blowing event which tested the trading and bargaining skills of the teams. Ten teams traded with each other for commodities and cash after being given real life scenarios.The team with highest value of commodities and highest amount of cash at the end,won the event.

Winner: PGDM 2017-19, IMT Hyderabad

Runners up: PGDM 2016-18, IMT Hyderabad


Chakravyuh by Athena: Major event of the Strategy Club of IMT Hyderabad.

The competition dealt with strategizing a business plan effectively. Participants were given three combinations of industries and they had to invent a new product out of it and present in the major event. The team retaining the highest ROI was awarded.

Winner:  Warriors, MANAGE Hyderabad

Runners up: Manageites, MANAGE Hyderabad


Quiz-A-Muze 2.0: Flagship Quiz event of Impelz

Impelz team organised yet another stimulating event to churn up the young enthusiasts.

Winner : Osmania University
Runners up : IMT Hyderabad


Lead HR by Synergy:  Major event organised by the HR Club of IMT Hyderabad.


This event was apt for all those HR aspirants who have a taste and feel of the ground work on field in the form of simulation based on the common organization problems.

Winner: Ballors, IMI (Delhi)

Runners up: Trinity, SIBM Hyderabad


Testament of the Dead by Insightix: A minor event of the Analytics team if IMT Hyderabad.


For the first time ever in IMT Hyderabad, the analytics club concocted a heady mix of Analytics and murder mystery to give us an event that would be remembered by all.

Winner : PGDM 2017-19, IMT Hyderabad

Runners up : PGDM 2016-18, IMT Hyderabad


Your pace or mine by Pahel: Minor event of the Social Club of IMT Hyderabad

The good people of Pahel conducted a fun-filled event which was all about solving a Jigsaw puzzle in the most exciting manner.

Winner: PGDM 2017-19, IMT Hyderabad


Episteme by Opuskriya: Major event organised by the Operations Club of IMT Hyderabad.

Each team had to select a real-life day-to-day operational scenario and develop a detailed operational blueprint around it. The team that came up with the most out of the box operational blueprint finally owned the throne.


Winner : K Square, NITIE MUMBAI

First Runner up: We Scheme, Welingkar Mumbai

Second Runner up: Silent Roar 5.2, Welingkar Mumbai


Alaap by Antragna: Minor event of the cultural club of IMT.

To keep up the festive and cultural spirit of Day-1 of Impelz 4.0, the cultural team of IMT Hyderabad came up with yet another creative event, Aalaap representing the Music Cohort.

Winner: Ragesh, SIBM Hyderabad

Runners Up: Athulya, SLS Hyderabad


Flocabulary by Eloquence and MacVon: Minor event of the communication public Speaking clubs of IMT.


The communication and Public Speaking Club of IMT Hyderabad jointly organised a set of two minor events giving the monotonous MBA life a touch of joy and a momentary feel of the rapid-fire rounds of those Coffee with Karan sessions. On the other hand the second event was more about testing your imagination power and script manipulation abilities.

Shipwreck –

Winner: N.P. Anand Sharma, PGDM 2017-19, IMT Hyderabad

Plot Twist –

Winner: Sukoon and Vinit, PGDM 2016-18, IMT Hyderabad

Runners up: Sneha and Prasun, PGDM 2017-19, IMT Hyderabad 


Last but not the least our very own Media Relations Committee (MRC)organised two events, one representing the Blog Cohort named Oeuvrebased on Creative Writing Skills and the other one being Kaleidoscope, by the Photography Cohort, which tested the creative photography skills of the shutter bugs.



Winner: Vinayak Chaharia, PGDM 2016-18, IMT Hyderabad

Runner up: Sarthak Bhama , PGDM 2017-19, IMT Hyderabad

However, the results for Oeuvre are awaited and would be broadcasted in two-three days.

For the first time ever IMT Hyderabad got sponsorship like ‘Smaaash’ for the gaming enthusiasts who spend half of their leisure on mobile games mostly. Additionally, a special event of Counter Strike was also organised for all the CS-freaks.

Apart from these a few more minor events were conducted throughout the entire stretch of 2 days by all the respective clubs.

Hold your breath guys!

By now if you feel this is the end of the story then probably you are missing out on the most sensational part of the Impelz, chapter 4.0.

file (2)

Post the club events; it was time for the cultural night with Coke Studio gracing the stage.

Swastik-the band belted out one chart-buster after another which got even the professors to jive along.

file (2)

The mind-boggling performance moved each and everyone in the audience as they sprang up and sang in chorus. Looking around I was awestruck by the intensity of the crowd. The amphitheater was abuzz and was dazzling like never before.

Finally the two-day long event culminated with yet another round of action-packed DJ performance that was presented by Tipsy Stories, Hyderabad.

The tiredness and exhaustion were nowhere to be seen on the faces of students as they let their hair down for 3 hours without missing a beat. As is with college festivals, it’s always hard to say goodbye when you realise that all the fun and fervour has finally come to an end. But the students of IMT didn’t let that feeling bog them down as they closed the final day of Impelz with a bang and a hope of returning next year, bigger and better.

Overall Impelz 4.0 gave us a feel of all the flavours of celebration in the form of a joy-box.

In a nutshell, Impelz was everything that it promised to be and then some more.

The beginning of 2018 could not be any better!


Picture Credits:                         

Parimi Sudha Prashanthi (PGDM 2016-18) 

Bhaskar Mitra (PGDM 2017-19)

Trisha Sinha Roy

PGDM | 2017-19

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