Imagine a World without Mirrors

“Look at her, she is so beautiful. I wish I looked like her.” We all have used this line at least once in our lives, to others or ourselves. We tend to perceive our beauty by comparing ourselves. We all are guilty; guilty of giving people the key to drive our beauty.

A Victorian legend says that a mirror steals a person's soul. We all do that, giving our soul to the mirror and that’s where our beauty lies. I once saw a couple near the park and overheard the guy saying “How can you call yourself ugly, have you ever seen yourself from my eyes?” That’s when it struck me- it’s mirror, mirror is the real villain of our stories serving as a vehicle for comparison. So, let's kill the villain. Let's take a ride in a world without mirrors where you are not conscious of how you look.

Take a stroll down memory lane and think of the Quakers- that duck from episode of Tom and Jerry who thought he was ugly. Quaker found his confidence when a duckling giggled and called him cute. He felt so happy that he forgot about feeling ugly, did a little dance on a tree branch, and happily walked off into the sunset with the duckling. A world without mirrors will influence self-notion, societal norms, and interpersonal relationships, ultimately emphasizing the significance of inner beauty.

Remember that pretty girl you saw at the club and told yourself “Ah, there is no point in talking to her. She is way out of my league.” Can you say the same thing to yourself if you never know how you look? You would be more confident in your life.

How long do you stay in front of the mirror, combing your hair and using that giant makeup box that cost you a fortune? A world without that mirror will make you enhance your inner beauty. You begin to place greater importance on being kind and compassionate rather than striving for an idealized appearance.

Remember that funky-looking shirt you saw at the mall and you thought “This shirt is good but it won’t suit me.” Without the influence of a mirror, you will feel more liberated to express yourself through your style, clothing, and unique personality without the pressure to fit into a specific beauty standard.

Can you recall that party where you were constantly having anxiety because of a pimple on your left cheek which you hid using foundation and constantly kept checking yourself in a mirror? Now imagine not knowing about that pimple at all and being all confident at the party.

A world without mirrors sets our true beauty free, breaking the chains of societal beauty norms. The absence of mirrors lets us express ourselves authentically and confidently, embracing who we are. It's a society that cherishes the genuine beauty found within each person.

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A person who enjoys exploring and has a great fondness for philosophy.This guy can’t stop comparing himself with the character of film he recently watch or the book he just red. A Operations enthusiast guy looking for more blues in life.

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