Ehsaas 2018 The Blood Donation Drive

To help without asking whom! That is divine service” – Sir Henry Dunant, Founder of the Red cross association


Pahel, the corporate social responsibility house of IMT Hyderabad in association with the Red Cross Association of Hyderabad jointly organized EHSAAS on the 6th of August 2018, a blood donation drive aimed at procuring fresh units of healthy blood that will someday be of immense help to someone in dire need of it. The entire drive took about 15-17 days to plan and a lot of manual work done in terms of offline decor, online promotion, offline word-of-mouth requests and many more.




The blood packet target that was decided by the organisers was between 100 to 150 units (1 bag is equal to 1 unit; the donors were asked to give only 1 unit). With a combination of effective logistics and proficiency from the side of the Red Cross operatives, the drive managed to receive 107 units of blood successfully from 107 donors. There were 10 beds connected to 4 units, a caretaker personnel and after the donation was done, the donors were given bananas for replenishing their energy.


Many students and faculties took part in the drive, with the maximum participation from junior students (who managed to donate blood despite their tight schedules). Everyone was very happy to donate their precious blood for a precious cause. The first time donors were really concerned about the whole procedure at the beginning but after the procedure was done, the apprehensions were gone. They were even seen encouraging other first time donors. Some even wanted to donate blood regularly in the near future. As the drive ended, and both groups parted ways, the thought that all the 107 units of blood will someday help someone in need, brought smile on everybody’s face. The donors can be assured that they will always be in the prayers of someone who got the right amount and type of blood at the right time of their life.

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