Coca Cola's Branding Strategy

When everyone’s favorite drink Coca Cola was coming into the market, it had to face stiff competition from competitors like Pepsi and Thums Up. Coca-Cola is a very classic example of how a brand established itself in a tough market through aggressive marketing strategies and high brand promotion. It was difficult for a brand like Coke to establish itself in the marketplace because it did not have any distinguishing features from its competitors.

Positioning itself became a tough call, yet the brand worked towards creating a niche for itself in the marketplace. Coca-Cola is an apt example of a product without any real benefits.

In today’s day and age, brands are getting more and more consumer-centric, and the buying or consuming patterns of the people are very dynamic in nature. Hence it becomes of utmost importance that a brand connects with the masses at a much deeper level. People now associate the brand with how much value it is adding to their lives rather than just being a physical product. And this change in the dynamics of the relationship between brands and consumers has forced the companies to re-invent, innovate, and re-think their brand strategies and how well they can connect to the audience at large.

Coca-Cola as a brand was smart enough in understanding these requirements and hence tried to create its advertisements around people’s emotions and tried to appeal to the masses

One major example of how it tried and succeeded in doing so was through its Christmas advertisements. Every year, around Christmas, they spread the advertisement of ‘holidays are coming, thereby appealing to the emotional connect of the audiences. It gave its consumers a sense of belonging and they could relate to the festival even better. Not only this but the Diwali advertisement showed the eccentricities of the sibling bond through its tagline this Diwali celebrates the sibling love with Coca-Cola. Consumers claim that they awaited these advertisements, and it created a sense of connection with the brand even better.

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