Brandify 2.0

Brandify 2.0 was organized by Mercatus Mantra- the marketing club of IMT Hyderabad on November 29, 2018. To a fun event on campus in which 15 teams participated with 3-4 team members per team.  The whole concept of this event revolved around how well you know a brand.  And yes, the excitement level was too high! It was a house full.

The marketing club stood up to their team’s expectations by making the event a lot about the idea of knowing how well a person can recognize the product and its brand while being blindfolded in the first round. The first round was named as 50 Shades of a brand, wherein each team was given five products to recognize, from food items to cosmetics, plethora of products was chosen, and the blindfolded team member had to recognize three of them to move forward to the second round. The more the identified products, more the chances of going to the second round. The first round created an aura of happy faces and challenging smirks.


The second round of the event – AdZap included the qualified teams.  Each team was given 15 minutes to prepare an ad skit in which they needed to include their respective branded products and present it as a fun-advertisement by enacting.

Every qualified team was given a span of 3 minutes to enact their ad and were judged on the criteria of how smoothly they included the brands in their ad as a story line.

This round engaged the whole audience and team.  The core team of Mercatus Mantra judged these themes based on their content.

The event was a huge success where the product and packaging knowledge of various teams and their advertising skills were analyzed.

Team Winners were the actual winners of the event followed by the Team Bajrang Dal as the runners-up.

The event ended with the prize distributions and smiles all around.

This mini-event organized by Mercatus Mantra added a whole lot of fun-element to make this routine B-School life happening, that too with a great learning!

About the author,

    Janvhi Kewalramani

Batch 2018-20

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