A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way The Pahel Staff Luncheon

A little Thanks goes a long way”- Isn’t it true? Doing something for the people who make sure that every day we feel safe, secure and comfortable in the campus feels great! They work hard every day and night for us so they deserve some appreciation and some time off, right? That’s what the Social Club of IMT Hyderabad did.

A Special Gesture

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Pahel students serving the staff lunch

On the 73rd Independence Day, Pahel – the Social Club of IMT Hyderabad organised a staff lunch for the working, security and hospitality staff as a token of appreciation and respect for their countless efforts, which was followed by outdoor games. These games were organised by Pahel exclusively for the staff members and there was a prize for each game.

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The staff playing games

Initially they all were hesitant to come out of their shell and get involved because one of the members had lunch and she was about to leave so I asked her,

Akka, why aren’t you going for the games?

and her reply to that was,

I’ve had lunch so it’s time to get back to duty!”.

You see the dedication they have towards their work? But I personally made sure that she played the games and on top of that, she won!

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The Akka in action

Closing Sentiments

Post the event , I asked her how her experience was and she told me about it with great enthusiasm! At that moment, I felt that the event was successful because this is what we planned. It wasn’t just a regular staff luncheon but also a fun event for the staff members where they could relax and enjoy to their fullest.

It was as if we swapped roles with them for a day. Putting ourselves in their shoes made us realise the hard work they put in every day. All the members were given gift hampers after the games, which included eatables and drinks.

Pahel believes that it is not defined by its magnanimous efforts, but rather by its small acts which bring out magnanimous impact in the lives of others.

About the author,

    Anushka Rawat

Pareidolia Blogger, Class of 2019-21

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