Anti Drug Committee

Anti Drug Committee

Anti-Drug Committee is constituted with the following members.



Name of the member


Two faculty members (Appointed by Academic Senate)

a. Prof. (Dr.) C. Chakrapani, Dean-Academics
Ph : 08414671669

b. Prof. (Dr.) Vinay Kumar, PGP Chairperson
Ph : 08414671688


Two Non-Teaching members

a. Mr. Mr. Kavi Bhushan Pandey, Manager-Administration & Maintenance
Ph : 08414671654

b. Mr. Sarat Kumar, Manager, Academic Programs Office
Ph : 08414671662


Representative from Institute’s Security

Mr. Binod Bihari Raul, Supervisor - Campus Maintenance,
Ph : 08414671654


Representative from local police station

Mr. A. Sreedhar Kumar, Inspector of Police,
Shamshabad Police Station,
Ph : 9490617213


Hostel warden if hostel facility available

a. Prof. (Dr.) P. Tumpa Dey, Assistant Professor,
(Girls Hostel Warden),
Ph : 08414671695

b. Prof. (Dr.) Pushpesh Pant , Assistant Professor,
(Boys Hostel Warden),
Ph : 08414671602


One representative from students from each stream available in the Institute or as suits the Institute

Mr. Ashish Tiwari, Senior Student,
Ph : 8377848536


Representative from university medical unit/local hospital

Dr. Chetan Reddy, MD,
Ph : 8368603645


One representative from Counseling and Psychological Services of the Institute/Health Department/NGO

Ms. Priya, Student Counsellor,
Ph : 08414671650

Functions and Responsibilities:

To spearhead the Anti-Drug campaign and be the tool to realize a drug-free campus

To be guided in its functioning by the overall objective of the Anti-Drug Policy of the Institute

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